i hesitated..

heh. had a couple of busy days; late nights out, trying new things, celebrations, last trains, lack of sleeps and warnings from dad. got into a mini accident on Friday night, and almost another last night. but shall skip the details since no one’s hurt and we’re all fine. will update again with photos when i’m back from work tonight. been working consecutively for 3 days but i still don’t see a good sum of pay to motivate me. ):

meanwhile, click on this article on yahoo! news that i just got to read. that prankster has finally been caught! don’t understand why some people can get that bo liao to do such a thing. i guess roma’s business was affected by a bit because of that hoax since we’re so near to bugis. tsktsk.. but yea, good job to the authorities! this guy really deserves some teaching. hahaha.

and decided not to tell you.