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Truth lies within


everything is so clear now, no? with all the speculations of who was at fault and all.. but as shattering as it may be, aren’t we glad the truth is out now? i’m not trying to be racist and point my finger at him just because he’s a PRC but please, it’s so clear he was drinking and he’s at fault for the accident..

just can’t accept that.

Of GE 2011

GE virgin?

and so, we’ve been told over the past couple of weeks that “voters, make your votes count. vote wisely. know what you want. know who you are voting for. that is your future and yada yada yada…” i thought i was going to be excited. but no, i realised that i don’t actually think it’s going to affect me much on who the MPs of my GRC are going to be.

our rights..

10 years


was watching the couple’s first on-screen appearance on 康熙来了 last night after being together for 10 years. like the way they talk about their relationship, from the courtship, to the first dates and then the subsequent years and now, finally getting to marriage. guess this is one of the few couples who’s going to get the blessings from everyone and everyone’s looking forward to seeing them go the distance. lastly, am pretty touched by the last part where 范范 sang the song while holding 黑人, it’s like how sweet! love the lyrics as well..

the MV of her song under the cut.

Outbreak II

beautifully yours.

the school in darkness and silence at 7am. i think this is the 4th time i drove to school at such unearthly timing. or was it the 3rd? or 5th? alright, i can’t remember but i’m pretty sure i can count it with my 10 fingers. *laughs* anyways, attended the 2nd orientation on Tuesday. helped out for registration in the morning and rotted around watching other people get busy before i went for class.

the 2nd outbreak and others.


cannot believe it.

i don’t deny that i’ve never made an effort to keep myself updated with the band after passing out from it since 2004. but jerms was just sending me this link yesterday which made me go WTF. okay, it is not about getting a SILVER, nor is it about playing BLUE SHADES. it is the combination of playing Blue Shades AND getting a silver. idk what’s so wrong about my dear Swiss Winds these days but.. Blue Shades was our very proud GOLD competition piece like 6 years ago. it certainly didn’t feel good seeing your juniors playing the SAME piece and getting a result like that. the GOLDs we seniors have held, all gone in a puff. it’s just so… disappointing. ):

those days, those honors..

Of words

i hesitated..

heh. had a couple of busy days; late nights out, trying new things, celebrations, last trains, lack of sleeps and warnings from dad. got into a mini accident on Friday night, and almost another last night. but shall skip the details since no one’s hurt and we’re all fine. will update again with photos when i’m back from work tonight. been working consecutively for 3 days but i still don’t see a good sum of pay to motivate me. ):

meanwhile, click on this article on yahoo! news that i just got to read. that prankster has finally been caught! don’t understand why some people can get that bo liao to do such a thing. i guess roma’s business was affected by a bit because of that hoax since we’re so near to bugis. tsktsk.. but yea, good job to the authorities! this guy really deserves some teaching. hahaha.

and decided not to tell you.

2nd home


the above pretty delicacies are deliciously baked by my dear babe. YES! like after so so so so so long of going to bake for us, she finally brought me some goodies these two days.. thanks babe! but of cos, not only for me, but for whoever was present at my 2nd home, the student lounge, and the council room.

why 2nd home?

On papers

was pretty stunned when i received an sms from zongwei saying he saw me on the papers yesterday. hahah asked around for people to check what the news was about and asked babe to send me a shot of it. funny lah. out of so many photos, why choose our OG one? but luckily, this photo was quite nicely taken. *laughs*

anyways, tsehwee is back from internal gathering! had truckloads of drinks, fun, and laughter. a long long entry to go but before that, i need to gather all the photos taken first. so yup, won’t do any updates on it yet. but as a preview to that entry, that’s a shot of a part of the room of our pretty getaway. (:

Clicks for you

haven’t been catching soccer matches ever since daddy unsubscribed from the sports channels. but of course, i’m still updated by the media! heh. my dear steven gerrard stunned everyone again with his stoppage time goal which led to the reds’ victory! (:

anyways, just got back from brother’s 21st birthday party. photos will be up soon IF i ever get hold of them. sorry for not fetching anyone on my little boy because it was raining and i really am not confident in taking any passengers. hahaha. say i’m lousy but after so long, i admit that i am still NOT zai. can you imagine? i can’t even remember where i parked my car. LOL, but okay lah. i managed to find it pretty soon.. hahaha.

rights, and if you are bored, have nothing to do, or feel like racking your brains a little, try this game – Fantastic Contraption. i was kinda stucked at stage 10 this afternoon, and haven’t got time to try already. if you do solve it, let me know! lastly, this is another read that can make you tear.. i remember reading it like few months back and my heart really went out for this couple. came across it again these few days and i realised, the pain is still there. feel; the love of parents….

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