beautifully yours.

the school in darkness and silence at 7am. i think this is the 4th time i drove to school at such unearthly timing. or was it the 3rd? or 5th? alright, i can’t remember but i’m pretty sure i can count it with my 10 fingers. *laughs* anyways, attended the 2nd orientation on Tuesday. helped out for registration in the morning and rotted around watching other people get busy before i went for class.

by the time class ended, the games for the orientation had already come to an end as well. actually i had no roles in this orientation but i just wanted to attend it, in the free and easy way. somemore, without a camera, i basically had nothing much to do. still, i enjoyed myself, somehow, floating around, mingling with the fellow councilors. oh yes, not forgetting the yummy free lunch and dinner. LOL.

oh well, they had abundance of vegetarian food anyways. and i mean, really IN EXCESS. quite a waste actually but hmm, i’ve only got one stomach, and there’s only so much i can do. for dinner, though, the guys – buddy, ron, kerk and shirong – decided to join me for a vegetarian feast. hahah idk if it was peer influence or they really sincerely wanted to eat that from their heart. but whatever the case, at least they helped to minimise the waste. heh.

oh, and another motivation to attend the 2nd orientation was.. the CHOCOLATE ECLAIRS caroline promised to reward us with. but heh, as much as it was delicious, i controlled myself and only helped myself to two of that mini sinful sweet treat. yummy! (:

councilors of the day! much loves.

and my patient tag.

woke up pretty early today to catch the solar eclipse live on Channel U. actually it was pretty stupid to wake up just for that since the news will definitely cover it but i didn’t regret because the whole program was rather enriching. i must say the process of the eclipse was fantastically beautiful but too bad, we couldn’t get to experience it here in Singapore. ):

on a side note, BF lessons are really torturing. probably, i already gave up after being unable to catch up with the ever-expanding formula in the 2nd half of yesterday’s class. probably, i didn’t bother to even try understanding a thing the lecturer was teaching the whole lesson today. probably, i just allowed myself to sleep in there. i’m going to need quite some time to catch up.. to think numbers used to be my forte…

last but not least, i’ve finally bought a new pair of earphones after the one-side-not-working old one i’ve been survivng on for weeks decided to die on me. oh well. i kinda experienced cognitive dissonance straight after the purchase because another pair of it caught my eyes but alright, i shall try to utilise this as fully as i can and i’m sure i’m going to like it. anyways, thanks mr random-guy for the company of the trip to WM and i must say, it was really very random. or should we put it in other words that we kinda share some affinity? hahah..

numbers are my lullaby.