when i’m alone,

spent the entire Saturday in school for lessons and the long-awaited Orientation. pretty sad that i couldn’t fit into a role i wanted for the last orientation i’m going to have in school but still, i had fun roaming around taking random pictures. missed half of the afternoon GM lecture because i wanted to wait till they break off for games. hopefully i didn’t miss much of the important stuff.

with babe in the LT.

with couz outside the LT. was so looking forward to studying in the same school with her since.. secondary school i guess? different primary, secondary, poly and so on. finally now, we’re in the same space! although just for a sem, at least we did something similar. heh.

the ICs with caroline.

the OG (constipation) that i was part-time with. or rather, just a couple of minutes or hours with. i didn’t even properly introduced myself so i think they must be wondering why i’m even appearing in this group photo of theirs. *laughs* oh well, i was surprised to know that one of them is actually brother’s buddy in army and he attended his 21st. no wonder he looked so familiar to me..

and my dearest ting is enrolled too! this crazy girl is still as crazy and loud as i can hear her from a distance away throughout the orientation. LOL.

with babe in the lift, on our way to lessons~

the best-dressed OGM and her very nicely decorated station.

and the best-dressed OGL, justin, the real sick and fake chicken pox man. there was a lot OGs and stations that were really decorated and dressed with the theme. it was really good cos it made the orientation more fun. hopefully the Tuesday batch will be as good although i’m not even sure i’m going or not. hahah.

i wished i had a make-me-invisible pill.