haven’t been catching soccer matches ever since daddy unsubscribed from the sports channels. but of course, i’m still updated by the media! heh. my dear steven gerrard stunned everyone again with his stoppage time goal which led to the reds’ victory! (:

anyways, just got back from brother’s 21st birthday party. photos will be up soon IF i ever get hold of them. sorry for not fetching anyone on my little boy because it was raining and i really am not confident in taking any passengers. hahaha. say i’m lousy but after so long, i admit that i am still NOT zai. can you imagine? i can’t even remember where i parked my car. LOL, but okay lah. i managed to find it pretty soon.. hahaha.

rights, and if you are bored, have nothing to do, or feel like racking your brains a little, try this game – Fantastic Contraption. i was kinda stucked at stage 10 this afternoon, and haven’t got time to try already. if you do solve it, let me know! lastly, this is another read that can make you tear.. i remember reading it like few months back and my heart really went out for this couple. came across it again these few days and i realised, the pain is still there. feel; the love of parents….