part of our proud masterpiece! moved them down the ESCALATOR because there’re no nice & considerate people around to give up their lift spaces for us.. OH WELL, but they are still pretty, aren’t they? (:

helped to set up the place in the morning; it’s still pretty empty right now though. anyways the tickets not here yet, some stuffs are still pending also. but SOON, i’m sure the courtyard will be blasting with life. i’ll get you pictures as proof when the day comes. hahahah..

the gayish-fashion-designer-cum-assistant-lookalike. HAHAHA. go figure who he is. (:

the WHITE view from student lounge.

all colourful in the evening.

OB lecture in the afternoon was crap. but i guess it was just me. totally slept through like more than half of the lecture. notes as clean as new; brain as empty as the biscuit tin in my kitchen. *laughs* why the biscuit tin you ask? i’ve been snacking on them lately, at home as well as in school. now you know where these additional fats come from….