pretty long day today; imagine us trying our luck to crash class A’s lecture this morning to find the lecturer doing the two chapters he already did with us last week.. solution? find something to occupy our time until 2pm when our very own class B’s lecture starts. -.-” oh well, at least the lecture ended 1.5 hours earlier. anyways, got back our MR proposal today and a weird indication marked on my name amused me..

hahaha, asked the lecturer to interpret this Ex2 thingy and he said he wrote that because he saw my name twice. meaning, my name appeared on ANOTHER group’s report as well, so my grade for the report wasn’t valid. weird huh? tell me how many people in the world has the name spelt exactly like mine? it’s not impossbile to have one or more out there but, another YEE TSE HWEE in SIM, RMIT, BBMKG course, taking the same module? trust me, i’m sure there isn’t any (except me, of course). *laughs* i wonder if someone sabotaged me or the lecturer simply got it wrong. in any case, i really don’t appreciate being double graded. lols.

on a sidenote, can’t help touching my face from time to time and i can feel my complexion getting worse. the duper uneven scars and pimples make me feel like the face is rotting worse and no amount of concealer helps. i know putting all these cosmetic stuffs won’t improve the situation but i just can’t seem to make do without them. SIGH~

lastly, projects are gonna due so soon! can’t make time to do; or rather, no motivation to even start on them. but of course, we have to. despite the packed schedule, we’re so going down to Great World City tmr! at least, check out the proudly chosen store by us which i’ve yet to visit. and the motivation is? ICE CREAM!! *laughs* BUT, i’m sad that rene can’t drive tmr. ):

happy 21st birthday brother hsuan! (: