as planned, down to Great World City with my beloved group mates before heading back to school for council meeting. we were all so glad we chose Ben & Jerry’s cos it’s like the BEST choice. first thing, GWC is already super empty, not to mention the store itself (also very quiet). so yea, we sat there for hours; discussed the project, enjoyed ice cream, and took dozens of photos of the stores..

today was my virgin trip to GWC actually. well, i don’t remember stepping foot on there before. the thing i was most amazed with is.. the TOILET! hahaha. babe told me that different levels had different themes and i think it’s so damn cool.

the first one i went to is the jungle and Africa kinda theme. it’s just so fascinating lah! okays, i think i sound like some mountain tortoise here but hey! i’m sure there are SOME people who haven’t been there as well right? *looks around*

motivation of the day: ICE CREAM! heh. yup, before our discussion, this was what we had. looks small for 4 persons but we were pretty full after that. or at least, satisfied my cravings. *grins*

some question thingy on the tissue that i still DON’T understand.

my sketch of the store layout. heh.

the TWILIGHT BOOK CLUB! i’m so gonna join them when i get hold of the book. so tempting…. anyways, bus-ed back to school after a little shopping. thought we will be like damn late but i was surprised how fast the journey actually was! GWC is really the right choice man. so so so glad we didn’t choose the stores in Heerens. hahaha.

anyways, felt so relieved that we didn’t cab back to school because the meeting didn’t even start on time! in fact, it dragged quite abit. but i guess that is pretty normal so yup, no complains. it just made me realised that September is, no doubt, a very very busy month.

oh yes, before i forget.. suggested attire for BASH by bernie: white shorts, white top, and BOW tie! i think it’s a good suggestion for guys though. you can look funny and at the same time, fitting into the theme. HAHAHA

off to somewhere down the road at this AL-something place for dinner after that. can never get the name right cos i remembered we used to call it “the bangalah food” with the clique last time. haha..

the events people.

the SR people.

our MnPians! (:

right, a tragedy happened to me over there before this pretty picture was taken. if you noticed my empty cup; all the contents were spilled onto ME – shirt, skirt, bag, belongings, everything! how smart. and the worst thing is, i spilled it MYSELF. *laughs* never felt so stupid before. was smelling of milo and bandung from that moment on and until now, i can still subconsciously smell them.. “it’s all in the head, it’s all in the head…..”

and for the first time in my life, i washed my own clothes! LOL. was so sad to see mummy already asleep when i got home. so yea, no choice but to clean up my own mess. but well, i don’t think i washed them the right way though. probably mummy’s gonna rewash them again tmr. hahaha..

YAY, NO SCHOOL TMR later! but shiats, still gotta head down to school for booth and graduation duties. and there goes my stay-home-to-rot day… *pouts*

ps: get BASH tickets from me!