sales of BASH tickets are now on!

setting up; special thanks to the peeps in the picture, they really tried damn hard to help us get those white & bling stuffs hung up on that super highly-tied string. i think that was the hardest part of the set up. and i think we need some plans to have it perfected. anyways, spent the whole day in school for my duties.

the crowd at 1.15pm. i’ve yet to collect my tickets man! was too lazy to queue up at first; after that, i just thought i shall wait for babe and collect together tmr. heh. btw, be early people! there’re loads of vouchers to be given out! but, for first 300 only so while stock lasts! ((:

our duty there was to.. PLAY GAMES! heh. mend the games table actually but we joined in the fun since there weren’t many players. played Sitting Ducks which was damn damn cute. the ultimate winner was bernie because i helped him killed the next last survivor! LOL. okay, hopefully we get to play again tmr. i wanna try Uglydolls as well!

then some random girl passed by and distributed free cans of Redbull to us. i took it because i was feeling pretty tired. but, can i say it didn’t help? i seriously didn’t feel more energetic after that drink. LIAR!!

and TEDDY (1985) zi lian-ed on my phone. i am referencing now…

ken joined into “part of the crowd” too with johnny, who has been “part of the crowd” ever since the booth opened, playing the games with us. but i realised he didn’t bluetooth me any of his pictures so yea, can’t introduce you one of my Sitting Ducks mate. hahaha..

went for the RMIT Graduation (as volunteers) after that. was pretty crappy though. were asked to dress in formal and we had to wear this RMIT BRANDED cap (which you will see later). damn mismatch.. roamed around the sardine-packed atrium and tried to do some hardselling for RMIT Alumni. and it gets real depressing when you keep getting rejected by those graduands. ):

well, i think the happiest part for everyone was when they asked, and got green light to the food. been eyeing on them since the beginning of the whole thing because they are way too beautiful! i resisted the temptations though. firstly, was too lazy to go get them; then, didn’t think there will be much that i can eat; lastly, was saving my stomach for dinner at home. heh.

still, i had a very yummy dessert! with love, from the pretty babes – kaixin, lisa, simin and huiwen. thanks alot! confession: the dessert was already half-eaten, which is why it doesn’t look yummy in this picture. hahaha..

and here, the BRANDED cap! i gave it to daddy because he thinks it’s pretty. okay lah. i won’t deny it’s quite nice but who in the right mind will wear it out? but anyways, it wasn’t meant to be a fashion cap in the first place, right? *laughs* shall upload the group photos when i get them, soon. (:

PS: somebody is so irritating you know. i see him like almost everyday! and one thing he likes to do is, threaten me. you know who you are, don’t you? yes, YOU! can go knock your head on the wall. if you don’t have, i can lend you mine when you drop by the next time. LOL