” welcome to the club! ”

i’ve officially taken the first step to joining the Twilight book club; thanks to sab for the book! are you part of it yet? *laughs* it started from isabel, spreaded to cheryl, continued by althea, then sab, and now, ME! hahaha.. even gladys bought the book. can also see many random people around the school holding a copy of the series. oh well.. but i still think it’s funny that these books are placed under CHILDREN’S FICTION in the bookshops.

anyways, haven’t had time to read it yet although it’s been lying next to me for hours. had to resist the temptations and counter the distractions because the task of tonight is to finish doing the store layout of ben & jerry’s on the computer. it’s really tough man; been working on it since 3 hours ago but i’m not even half done. SIGH..