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so little time, so much to do..

other than work, the usual online shopping and stuff, been pretty much caught up with 3 new addictions recently.

  1. Hot Yoga – on the 3rd lesson with an introductory 10-day pass and i’m actually loving it! still find the 90-minute class torturous but am always looking forward to the next. sweating out is good and i really hope i can master the postures soon..
  2. Fifty Shades Trilogy – near the last few chapters of the 2nd book already and still very intrigued by it, must admit the erotic parts are kinda heavy but i actually like the storyline; can’t wait for the film to be out..
  3. Clash of Clans – decided to try out the game seeing boyf so into it and boy, it’s kinda addictive. i’m not quite a good strategy player but am learning the way and getting the hang of it.. oh, and this is the first time i’m doing an in-app purchase on a free game. see the effect of this game on me? *laughs

by the way, having a long weekend at this period doesn’t seem too good. with major launches coming up next week, i just hope we can complete everything to prepare for delivery when we go back to work on Monday.

78 days.

The lucky one (film)


waited two months for this film ever since i finished the novel and i have to say i’m actually pretty disappointed. i guess it’s just the book that’s too good.. after all, it’s usually not easy to tell the whole detailed story within like a 100 minutes of film. i think i was pinpointing all the parts that was different from the book throughout the show; no wonder they said it’s always not advised to read a novel before watching the movie that’s based on it. in any case, i’ve the PDF version of the book if any of you wants to read. let me know! (:

PS: i’m not a fan of him but Zac Efron was really very charming! 

The lucky one

power of fate.

finally done with this! it’s been a long time since my last read. and as usual, it’s the making of the movie that draws me towards the book.. rights to the film have been sold to Warner Bros. and the movie is due for release this coming April! well, though the film version is usually quite a disappointment, i’m still very positive about watching it..

the movie..



one-third through the book, here’s one that i really like:

“Because everybody lies. It’s part of living in society. Don’t get me wrong – i think it’s necessary. The last thing anyone wants is to live in a society where total honesty prevails… It just wouldn’t work. So people lie by omission all the time. People will tell you most of the story… And I’ve learned that the part they neglect to tell you is often the most important part. People hide the truth because they’re afraid.”

not yet indifferent.


my words may lie,

this has been what i see for more than half the time i’m awake everyday. yes, the computer and the messy desk.. anyways recently, i’ve been such a lazy ass when it comes to updating my blog. motivation came after grabbing a few apparels from winda’s new blogshop and promising to advertise for her (although my blog stats is going down the drain). but i must say some of the stuff there are really pretty! been long since i so willingly spend more than $50 on just one shop. anyways, if you linked straight to my blog and missed my static page, the blogshop is Challures ♥! do support! ((:

some updates.

A photogenic life

hearts & mind conflict.

why must i always wear different masks wherever i go? i looked into the mirror and realised that i could no longer recognise myself. my reflection was of a faceless girl, awaiting the next mask to be placed on..

– extracted from the abstract but interestingly,
i can somewhat relate to that emotion.

of my latest read..



made a trip back to school yesterday for event 01. not like i took part in it but had a good time looking at the turn out of the event. thought it was really good, loads of supporters and random students were flocking around the event area. anyways, the overrall winner was The Hungry People, the only council group out of the 14. hahah guess somehow, council people is still the most zai. *laughs*

after school.

Hello halo


Tuesday night was out to halo bar. supposedly jio-ed quite a number of people but somehow, a very last minute change ended up with a turnout of only the usuals – EPIC♥. was feeling quite zzz in the beginning but of cos, time spent with them is always (: so yup, it was pretty good actually.. rights, didn’t get to sing much since we were sitting in the hall and honestly, didn’t think the sound system was good. probably cos we’ve been through partyworld @ Taiwan, nowhere can be comparable anymore. hahaha.

lose and booze..

Abandoned bag


a big bag of old books was found abandoned in the lounge outside council room for days. thought it was pretty interesting and i started taking them all out. there was a couple of interesting titles and i kinda went high in the process of flipping through them. but nah, i’m not a big fan of books and it seems like i needa devote my free time to textbooks instead.

hello stress.

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