my words may lie,

this has been what i see for more than half the time i’m awake everyday. yes, the computer and the messy desk.. anyways recently, i’ve been such a lazy ass when it comes to updating my blog. motivation came after grabbing a few apparels from winda’s new blogshop and promising to advertise for her (although my blog stats is going down the drain). but i must say some of the stuff there are really pretty! been long since i so willingly spend more than $50 on just one shop. anyways, if you linked straight to my blog and missed my static page, the blogshop is Challures ♥! do support! ((:

and following relevant to my previous entry of 2 weeks ago, here are some of the pictures taken during the farewell lunch, handing-over meeting and the final goodbye for bon. so gonna miss her but yups, we’ve got to move on still. thanks for everything though. she really was like our pillar of support for as long as she was around.. (:

went for the council’s post-exam chalet on some random Monday after work and indulge in the usual de-stressing activities. took a day of leave the next day and i get funny questions back at work. shall not reveal anything here though. oh and if you notice the picture, you can count a good 8 of us. yups, if you were guessing, you are right! we are all jam-packed in a car. ah yong’s car is huge lah. but i’ve to admit, it wasn’t comfortable sitting down there at the back. ):

sharing my most recent read – The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks! when it comes to his books, it’s almost impossible to get it right from the shelves. i think i reserved this book as early as February but i only got to get hold of it just a couple of days ago. and lucky enough, i finished reading it before having the time to catch the movie! honestly, i know movies are always not as good as the novel itself but still, i can’t wait to catch it! and here’s a quote from the book which i find true & i like..

truth only means something when it’s hard to admit.

but i still can’t deny.