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my words may lie,

this has been what i see for more than half the time i’m awake everyday. yes, the computer and the messy desk.. anyways recently, i’ve been such a lazy ass when it comes to updating my blog. motivation came after grabbing a few apparels from winda’s new blogshop and promising to advertise for her (although my blog stats is going down the drain). but i must say some of the stuff there are really pretty! been long since i so willingly spend more than $50 on just one shop. anyways, if you linked straight to my blog and missed my static page, the blogshop is Challures ♥! do support! ((:

some updates.


up and away.

oh my awesomely colourful MnP. group photo taken last Saturday at the internal gathering. not like we’re part of the department still but, me and babe, we are alumni! hahaha. thanks for still having us invited people. (: had the normal rounds of games followed by the usual stuff. i’ve to admit, though, that the department has really gone through a tremendous change of culture, very very different now from when i first stepped in..

just for updates.

PD 2509: Internal gathering

my dinner bento set from Yummy Green @ E!Hub. oh anyways, had our MnP internal gathering on the Friday night after bash week. Friday because there wasn’t another available chalet on other days. attendance wasn’t very positive but it was still pretty good, as usual. just that, for a freshie thing like that, it’s quite sad to only have 2 freshies turning up. bad timing i suppose?

at hometeam NS pasir ris..

BenGBoy’s 21st

i’m not addicted.

spent the evening and night over at the birthday chalet of our second 21st baby of the gang this year. as usual, gotta wait for the birthday boy to upload the photos. on a side note, i think the Ev*lution is slowly living up to its name. and i suddenly think my life is getting really unhealthy these days. too much alcohol intake. and i had to skip work today because i just had to. can i say i wasn’t feeling too well? hur. and i slept my entire afternoon away. but the body is still feeling pretty screwed right now.

just a paragraph of whines.



been taking these pills for the past few days because the aches were really terrible. i wonder if those are signs of fatigue and if i’ve simply overworked myself. oh well. anyways, headed to school for our 1st logistics department meeting and boy, really have heaps to do. at least we cleared some more stuff away and packed the cupboards more neatly. hopefully we can complete more tasks the next meeting. (:

more work and birthdays.

Events chalet

body clock.

the past few days was spent working and at events chalet at NSRCC. i must say i was really really amazed by how much the place has changed! when it was so much older, i already liked the place very much. needless to say, looking so gorgeously new now, i’m loving it even more. it just made me wonder when they renovated it.

the chalet in October 2005.
the chalet in April 2006.
the chalet in February 2008.

i only went there 3 times and if you didn’t go there before when it was still old, take a look at the pictures in my archived entries as above, it really went through a great transformation. now i’m tempted to hold my 21st birthday there. ):

chalet and work..


i can do.

followed babe to the Ngee Ann dance room after AMCA class yesterday and i must say i was really impressed. they were practicing for their upcoming dance concert so i had like a free preview to the entire show. i asked a dozen of questions because i was curious and so amazed by some of the steps they took. it was just so artistic, it made me regret a little quitting dance when i was in primary 2 because it’d probably be one of the things i can be proud to say “i can do” now. lols. oh, and i can’t believe i actually never knew that babe was the president of the club in poly days. oh my.

of updates and rants.

Initiation & sleeps


and initiation happened on Saturday; the big council family for this sem! rights, seems like there were a lot more people last sem. heh. anyways, can’t seem to replenish the sleep i sacrifice although i really really slept a lot. at least 10 hours yesterday and a few today. but okay, at least i squeezed out some time to edit the reports. (:

initiation day feb 2009!

Back home

got to catch up.

one of the first few pictures taken on my omnia, by my two babes, a few days back. rights, don’t know if it’s me or what but i feel like my SE gives better quality pictures! oh well…. rights, back home and finally one full free day all for myself and my own stuff! other than the packing of my luggage, am pretty much done with my to-do list of the day. next up is what i’m doing right now, blog! (:

chalet and meeting.

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