got to catch up.

one of the first few pictures taken on my omnia, by my two babes, a few days back. rights, don’t know if it’s me or what but i feel like my SE gives better quality pictures! oh well…. rights, back home and finally one full free day all for myself and my own stuff! other than the packing of my luggage, am pretty much done with my to-do list of the day. next up is what i’m doing right now, blog! (:

as mentioned, before chalet was work with my two babes. quite glad there weren’t much customers, allowing us to pass the day pretty well and less tiring compared to the day before. had a specially-made thai baked rice by chen ling jie for lunch and two thumbs up! heh. cabbed down to coasta sands after that since we were too lazy to travel with all our mini luggage and supper for the people.

they were having a duper serious debate or sharing or whatever session you call that when we reached which made us regret for cabbing down. OH WELL. then a mini birthday celebration for the December babies, which i happened to be one! haha. thanks alot! they had a feedback and debrief session outside after we gotten the kids into bed inside the chalet. caught no balls about what they were talking about as the only thing i can think of is FOOD.. *laughs*

walked to downtown east mac for supper before heading back to the chalet to bathe. needed to wait for our hairs to dry thus we slacked outside the chalet. i swear it was duper cold; it was raining for more than an entire day and the temperature was kinda at its minimum already. what’s best was none of us brought our jackets. -.-

ben falling asleep….. hahah. okay, he wasn’t the only one actually.. most of us who were chilling outside kinda dozed off as well. but it was too cold and uncomfortable to REALLY sleep so yea, i stayed up the whole night.

brother probably got the best spot in his hammock so he had a good rest.

mike and the glaring light behind, which you can see in the previous picture as well. that was one of the irritating things which kept me awake. it was literally impossible to sleep with that shining directly at you. another was the “alarm” – a very noisy mini trash truck – which pass by us almost every hour; it never failed to wake us all most up! -.-”

rise and shine was at 7am, which didn’t matter to me since i didn’t sleep. but after breakfast, i was feeling all heavy and sleepy already so i just kept dozing off at any corners i could.. hahah.

this chalet was more like a camp, not any different from other usual YG camps, with activities & games planned and drawn out for the day. but nah, didn’t follow any of the items on the itinerary other than meals time..

after the kids left for the treasure hunt at the eHub, the three of us (ferlyna, reyna & me) jumped at the opportunity to replenish our lost sleep. headed for the beds and in that comfy lighting, i earned like two hours of sleep. heh. apologies to the camp commitees if i said anything bad but this chalet was quite a successful one. (:

didn’t have chance to stay for the BBQ since i had to rush back to school for the OGL meeting. thankfully mr LHR offered to give me a ride so, saved me from having to suffer the long jounrey to the west from the east. haha. THANKS DUDE! meeting was pretty short and i saw my dear babe like finally after so long! gonna group with babe and rene for orientation and hopefully all will be well! heh. headed down to mad jack for dinner with a couple of the council mates after that.

testing out the smile detection on my omnia. i still think it’s damn cool. the last time i tried this function on a camera (i think my previous nikon one), it didn’t work as well as this! heh. anyways, those were my company for dinner. (:

i had the mad & rich dessert since i alr had proper food at the chalet. i swear it was damn sinful but it was really nice. a little TOO sweet though but it made me really full. headed to island cremery to have a little chat while they had their ice creams before jackson drove me and edward down to bernie’s place.

the guys who were alr there were all there for the sake of poker. not for the three of us though. i went for the sake of playing guitar hero while jackson and edward were forced to accompany me since they promised to go over too before i left for dinner with them. *laughs* but i’m pretty sure they didn’t regret the trip because they seemed to enjoy the game more than me! anyways, the game really rocks lah.. i wanna try the drums next time! ((:

a last shot of my ex-love before i sold it off just now. the shop which supposingly quoted $120 for it a couple of weeks ago wasn’t open thus i went to another which took it in for a hundred. well, should have just traded in to Starhub if i knew the price was that low. another shop actually quoted me highest $90! although it was just a $10 difference, it already proved how little my dear phone is worth.. ):

on a side note, i received my first birthday present for the year! other than an ang bao granny gave me a couple of days ago, it’s a cute necklace from aunt. well, not something i’d actually wear but still, thanks aunt!

4 days away.