and i learn..

had breakfast with daddy and mommy at tampines yesterday morning and this freaking delivery lorry from premier blocked our lot for like a good 25 minutes. yes, you can alr imagine how pissed we were getting. oh btw, i drove the car to that other side of Singapore! hahaha. okay, i mean.. that’s the first time after 11 months of getting my license so yea, let me get excited for a while can? but as usual, i wasn’t very stable and got nagged quite a bit by daddy. haha..

drove mummy over to pay respects to grandma before daddy and i headed down to tampines mall to buy my phone and do the transfer of ownership. the price actually jerked up by a hundred compared to what i saw a week or two ago. quite a heartpain for me but i decided to get it anyway. rights, just two days and i’ve spent about a quarter of my savings. do your maths and you’d know how poor tsehwee is. hahaha..

been trying to make sense of all my spending. from my November pay to the coming-December pay, i guess i haven’t even earn back half of what i spent. excluding these two current buys, i’ve constantly been spending a little here and there on online shopping as well. and i really mean LITTLE, probably $10 here, $15 there.. haven’t really got time to combine all of them together. think i’ll get a great lecture when daddy brings my bank passbook to update and see how much money is on the credit side. *laughs* till then, am keeping my fingers crossed.

headed down to work after that and i swear it’s a busy BUSY Saturday. the customers seemed to stroll in non-stop for the whole 8 hours i was there. chen ling jie was like going crazy from all the work. but well, at least we had a good treat for lunch. tried out the new dish that boss might be adding into the menu and it’s yum yum! but the bad thing is, i’m sure everyone will make a mess out of it when they eat that and yes, poor us would have to clear those mess. ):

last but not least, thank you mr LHR for the strudel and the ride home. hahaha. i’m very sure my “sisters” appreciated it as well. heh. rights, busy busy week ahead again and in a week’s time, i’ll be out of here! chalet after work tonight, orientation meeting tmr evening and so on. hopefully i get a little free day on Tuesday to do some personal stuff before i run out of time. will be back; have a great Sunday peeps! ((:

from it all.