i’m not sure.

crush the biscuits and pour those cheese on top and guess what you get? haha. mummy’s specialty cheese tarts actually. but nah.. i didn’t take any pictures of the final product. it’s all safely in my stomach now. heh.

headed down to school this afternoon for orientation registration again. but today’s duty was quite a breeze.. closed my counter after only 5 “customers” because there weren’t much people for enrollment today to start with. hahah. honestly, i even feel a little redundant being there but i guess it still beats rotting at home..

went down to queensway after that with gladys and i finally got myself a pair of sneakers! teehee. and it’s like my FIRST pair of sneakers thus far in my life. heh. it’s rather pretty by itself but somehow i’m afraid i can’t have it match any of my dressing. HMM…. shall try wearing it out tmr but hopefully i won’t feel any purchase dissonance. haha.

leeched a ride back to ngee ann from skye and home sweet home. on a side note, i can’t wait for tmr! well, shall not reveal it yet in case i don’t get what i want. so yea, will update again at a suitable timing. (:

find it.