and the pampering continues. heh. but this time, not by boss, but chen ling jie. i must say her cooking is really good. and since the sweet couple joined us for lunch as well, we made it a mini farewell session for jimmy again. in any case, shall await more pampering sessions this coming weekend. food makes me happy. *grins*

then, i had a root beer float for dinner with chocolate syrup on top! oh man. freaking sinful lah. actually only wanted the ice cream, but got tempted to pour root beer on it so yea. but well, it was quite filling so i skipped dinner. ((:

met up with gab after that for a movie and had a handful of popcorns; treat that as supper? but thankfully, it wasn’t a lot cos the show made me stare at the screen wondering what will happen next so it kinda distracted me from eating. heh. but after what i heard from others about it being really really terrifying, i thought i expected more from it. so yup, it wasn’t as frightening as i was expecting it to be but still.. not too bad i guess. just that the ending was pretty predictable. haha.

rights, reached home and got this really HUGE package on my table. before i even entered the house, sis was saying, “hey, ah mei, you got a present!” it made me real excited because my birthday’s just around the corner or i was thinking it’s some stuff i bought on line. and so, i bought the idea and hurried into the house to check it out. but guess what?!

my dear laptop was wrapped nicely inside. hur hur hur. sigh, should have guessed as much right.. as if i’d have a surprised advanced present. *laughs* thanks for making me so happy for nothing anyways. special thanks to MR RYAN KOR huh? you and your SMART idea. hahaha, had fun right? you better watch out.. LOL!

was in school the entire afternoon for the orientation registration duty. things were pretty messy at the beginning but once you get the hang of it, it’s actually quite fun. haha! then, people on my left and right, including myself, were like repeating this sentence for countless number of times: “the $20 is for the orientation tee, your lunch and dinner during orientation, as well as the BASH ticket!” damn funny when we hear each other saying it. but it really does sounds like a good deal, doesn’t it? gonna head down for another session tmr and hopefully i don’t do stupid things like i did today. hahah. ((:

is best.