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Mountain of ice

happy birthday shirong!

a day out with mommy has never been better.. have been accompanying her to almost every previous book fairs at Suntec but yesterday was the only time we went without my 5th aunt and 2 baby cousins. it’s like spending quality time with just my dearest ah bu alone! *grins* and that’s my lovely mommy; do we look alike? hahahah.

another Friday without work..

Spending money

after 6 weeks,

met up with g and beng at MS for a shopping spree. GSS has started so long but it’s only today that i really started going to shops to shop and try on clothes. at our first destination (Zara) alone, i already spent like the whole of my one day’s pay at Roma’s. *laugh* g and beng bought a pair of shoes each. heh. i think we walked for a good 6 hours including lunch before we call it a day..

of GSS..

First or last

deception point.

the empty train i took to Joo Koon while bumming around the stations to waste time. anyways, heard about the postponing of Orientation and i must say it’s really disappointing. especially for the planning team. oh well, considering that most freshies are starting school on Wednesday, i think it defeats the purpose of having an orientation AFTER their classes start. and then, for the same reason, the RMIT lecturers are kinda not able to fly here to lecture our opening classes and local lecturers are going to take over. screw the H1N1 virus, like seriously.. ):



the aroma.

finally settled my cravings for the cookies yesterday. been craving for it since, i think, the 2nd day of PC show. *crunch crunch, yums yum* anyways, settled some domestic stuff and headed out to town with g for some presents shopping. in the meantime, was shopping for our own stuff because it’s the GSS! anyhow, i thought ION Orchard was opened already but somehow, couldn’t find the entrance. *laughs*

shopping and midnight movie.


stay constant.

these two couple of days have been really scorching hot. even sitting under the fan makes me perspire non-stop as if i’m like an open tap. okay, maybe not THAT exaggerating. maybe say.. a bottle of cold drink left in the open air? that sounds more like it eh? hahah. anyways, after a long day of rotting at home, headed down to ame’s place at night to chill. actually i’ve no idea why we call it chill but yea, just slacked and mahjong-ed for awhile before brother sent us home..

hot days..

Plentiful smiles

look away.

finally, attended the very last lecture of the semester. but well, somehow all the lecturers this semester are quite stingy with their tips. so yup, i reckon studying is gonna be pretty hard this time round. anyways, headed to bugis with babe and went to visit the newly opened iluma. it’s so gigantic but pretty lifeless because i guess too little people know of its existence. one good thing would be the movies i guess. filmgarde is like using price penetration, $6 for all movies, all times. (:

food, shop, movies.



attended the first ever afternoon Saturday class in my life yesterday and i’m pretty surprised that the class ain’t as empty as i was expecting. maybe, just like us, everyone thought we could only get our projects at our designated class time. in any case, we got it back and it was a DI! well, in fact, there are many groups who got it so we’re nowhere real great or special but still, a great start. hopefully we can maintain or do even better. (: class ended like really early so i headed home for an early dinner before yong beng came over to drive us out.

out to town.

Of babe and bake

and i asked, “can i take the risk?”

and right after Friday the 13th, we’ve got Saturday the Valentine’s. must be a special day for many, a sad day for some, and any other day for others. *laughs* for me, i’ve been spending the day with my girlfriends since idk-when and it’ll still be the same for this year. as for my babe, i’m sure she’s gonna have a great great day, immersed in this sweetest occasion. and also SOMEONE huh, getting a bouquet of fresh flowers at the doorstep early in the morning. heh!

as the title goes..

Sweat it out


Sunday morning was spent at youth group, as usual. had outdoor activities this week but i guess this is the last time we’re having fun without tuition class for the time being. in any case, i had fun being around and making more new  friends (the kids). headed for work after that; the laomaobing splitting headache came visiting again and didn’t go away until this morning.. ):

and i squashed today!

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