look away.

finally, attended the very last lecture of the semester. but well, somehow all the lecturers this semester are quite stingy with their tips. so yup, i reckon studying is gonna be pretty hard this time round. anyways, headed to bugis with babe and went to visit the newly opened iluma. it’s so gigantic but pretty lifeless because i guess too little people know of its existence. one good thing would be the movies i guess. filmgarde is like using price penetration, $6 for all movies, all times. (:

walked over to roma’s for late lunch/early dinner. gave babe a treat and i ordered like quite a lot of stuff. then i realised, they are all spicy! kinda made my tongue suffer a little too much. seriously, got so bloated but we saved a little space in our tummys for another sweet treat which is….

tom palette’s ice cream! tried their new sarsi and macadamia nuts flavours but i still prefer sticking on to VANILLA. yes, my all-time favourite flavor. *grins* next up was shopping spree at Marina Square and Suntec. bought a couple of tops and i’m happy happy. but, i think babe spent like about 3-4 times more than me so yea, she should be many many times happier than me. hehs.

movienation in the evening was Fast & Furious 4. awesome movie but i was so tired that i actually fell asleep for 5 minutes. train-ed home with babe and her boyf. i think it’s like the first time i communicated that much with him after so long. hahah and it’s such a small world. i’m surprised buddy was the boyf’s sergeant last time. well, i guess we all are. hahaha.

on a side note, time to start studying! tmr tmr, gotta make the lounge my second home again. ):

i can do it so well now.