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a great supper and gossipy nights out with part of my Ev*lution babies. could have been better if we could stay out longer because i so didn’t appreciate being home early. maybe i was just being overly emo. what i wanted to was really just have a talk because i’m so lost in this inception thing haunting me for awhile now.

and maybe..

Packed weekends

life as a whole.

back from one weekend had the poor flower lose the energy to live. however, giving it water revived it again shortly. i wonder if that would apply for human beings as well. packing my weekends without work with activities. i guess these can be the “water” to revive me. so tired of being exhausted from all the workload, shitholes and rubbish thoughts. i think i can be a better person. *smiles* did i mention i’ve red stripes of hair now? not exactly loving it but it gives me some courage for a change. heading for initiation later to mark this weekend. as for the last, here’s a few pictures! (:

weekends away.


happy birthday Singapore!

thanks to Singapore turning 45 on a Monday, we had a great long weekend away from work. look look! even my drink is patriotic eh? had this great glass of strawberry milkshake at Cheeky Chocolate @ iluma today, treat from sissy. of all the yummy delicacies and endless shopping, i must say i’m a very satisfied girl today. other than being the chauffeur for the day, nothing was to my disadvantage. pretty tired out though. i probably should have an early night after my jog later on to prep myself for work again tomorrow..

of the long weekend..

Oh my DAZ


i thought 7 months was long enough for us to not see one another. but i realised it’s been more than a year since we last had a proper, decent meet-up. can you imagine? not counting the pathetic amount of time spent together on my birthday (because i had to entertain other guests), the last time we actually went out was like June last year? to think we used to have a monthly meet-up.. we probably have been busy with our own lives and all but it’s time we really find time to spend more time together. not forgetting our photoshoot date next year. i hope you girls haven’t forgotten eh?

till we meet again…

Start of August

nothing without you.

how time flies and it’s already August. so, the patriotic month started off with our dear 头 and 日’s birthday. treated them to an awesome dinner at the Jap restaurant as a combined celebration for the 23rd and the 21st. (:

the simple feast.


growing out.

Saturday night was out to supper with the Clique and i was reminded about how much i’ve neglected them. ah chu claims that i’m not around 9.5 out of 10 times when they go out, which probably is the cause of the bit of a distance between me and them. i never realised how close the guys have became. sometimes i wonder if it’s the working life that’s taking me away from everyone who are still studying/serving NS or is it just myself..

still 5 years and going strong….


of holding on..

Ev*lution: 7/12. out for a dinner before a trip to Marina Barrage on Monday night. it made me feel a lot better after a lousy day. anyways, have i mentioned that this gang is special? because we have one very important thing in common – choice of food. *grins* and yups, for most of us, the number of years of acquaintanceship & friendship is so very different. but one thing for sure, it’s still counting. thanks for being there, people.

dinner and back to work.


where would i be?

February always marks a festive season. this year, with Valentine’s day falling on the same day as CNY, it’s like double red and double happiness. no doubt, i actually don’t have much mood to celebrate any of the two occasion at all. probably cos i’ve been pretty caught up with work, the only thing i appreciate is the holidays from it. anyhow, mass-production of cards again for a few people. probably one day, i should try customizing each and every one of it. (:

2nd week of work.

New beginning


self drawn organiser again. haven’t found myself one that i like so i decided to live with this. not that bad after all, can have an overview of my month’s activity right there on my office table. oh, did i mention i started work a week ago? still under probation now.. so far so good, am trying to learn and absorb as much as i can. feeling a little skeptical but still, hope i can survive for as long as possible. it’s my first job after all. (:

of 1st week of work and 2 awesome weekends!

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