of holding on..

Ev*lution: 7/12. out for a dinner before a trip to Marina Barrage on Monday night. it made me feel a lot better after a lousy day. anyways, have i mentioned that this gang is special? because we have one very important thing in common – choice of food. *grins* and yups, for most of us, the number of years of acquaintanceship & friendship is so very different. but one thing for sure, it’s still counting. thanks for being there, people.

dinner was served at Deli Vege, one of my favourite makanplace to visit because of the extensive food choices. from Western, to Italian to Japanese. honestly, as a vegetarian, that’s more than what i can ask for.  (:

had 星’s home-baked cheese cake after that at barrage and took a handful of photos. but sadly, most of them are pretty blur due to the movements and all. but well, photos are mere worldly possessions afterall! the important part is still the time spent tgt although we did nothing meaningful. LOL. hmm. phone was pretty screwed up that day, and it feels like a series of unfortunate events. hurhur. but alrights, it’s all done and over with!

on a sidenote, i had a map drawn out earlier in the morning. now the location of all my babies are so much clearer now as compared to having them in a list. shall need to find time to visit them one by one which i’ve already done so for 5 of them so far.. 17 more to go and hopefully my list can be up to date really soon!

there are times when i feel like taking the plunge and dive straight in but i know it’s going to be hard to strive for survival because i haven’t mastered how to swim. time may be cruel, but, it’s probably the best way out. (:
and letting go..