where would i be?

February always marks a festive season. this year, with Valentine’s day falling on the same day as CNY, it’s like double red and double happiness. no doubt, i actually don’t have much mood to celebrate any of the two occasion at all. probably cos i’ve been pretty caught up with work, the only thing i appreciate is the holidays from it. anyhow, mass-production of cards again for a few people. probably one day, i should try customizing each and every one of it. (:

random pubbing session with a few of my new colleagues on Tuesday night after work. had a great time singing because i’ve been craving for it for quite some time ever since the partyworld session in Taiwan. anyways, the pub was so empty we got to sing almost continuously. really awesome. (:

dinner out with wuwu and xumige on Wednesday night and as usual, had our sharing plus gossiping plus updating each other of our lives session. many loves, my girls. (:

had a fabulous lunch at Happy Realm Vegetarian Restaurant to celebrate my fellow vege colleague’s birthday. the food was pretty good but we kinda over-ordered as they wanted to try more dishes and stuff.. not too bad after all but i was sure some of them are so carnivorous it’s quite a torture. hahaha

happy birthday hwee ling!

had a lunch treat from one of my colleagues at Sakae Sushi yesterday. guess i’m a lucky girl because i just tagged along not knowing it was a treat. thanks Chris, (not like he’ll see it but ya..) thanks! they lao-ed their yu sheng as well and hopefully it’ll be a great start to the year! (:

shared this number of plates with hwee ling. got pretty full from it although i really could have eaten more. appetite has been pretty good lately and i’m like one of the biggest eater around at my company.

went Sim Lim Square for retail visit after lunch followed by SPH Unionworks to meet one of the 100.3FM DJs. it was really really nice of him to bring us on a tour around the studio. was pretty amazed by a number of things.. HL and i were like little kids being brought to a playground, acting all so happily and high. i’m glad he was friendly and chatty so i didn’t had trouble talking to him.

he even let us play around with the stuff and turned on the “On Air” lights just so i can take pictures. heh. so wished i could be working there instead. seems like a much more interesting place to be in. haha.

met up with babe and the guys at night after their project submission and took a ride in rongrong’s new car after walking half the journey home from Holland V. now the seat adjustment thing is brought to the back as well (DAMN COOL) and what’s more interesting was.. i can adjust the seat of the person sitting in front of me (EVEN MORE COOL)! only for the left side seaters though. but i guess buddy had a hard time enjoying the ride because i kept adjusting his seat.

so ya, with that.. there was like a gigantic leg space at the back. i think we can easily put another 4 or 5 people at the back. oh, and there was so much space that we, sitting at the back, feel so far away from those at the front that we cannot even hear them speak properly.. oh well, still, i must say it’s really luxurious. but i still think it’s a little too 夸张 to be driving such cars in Singapore. but it seems like he doesn’t really have a choice but to look 15 years OLDer when driving it.. because i think my MD drives the same car.

drove up to Jurong Hill to chill and i learnt many many things from the guys, like myths, stories and facts i didn’t know. felt like i went for National Education lesson or something. oh well, but i literally had a chance to 兜风! stick my head out of the roof for a bit and the wind was splendid! i really had a great Friday and thankyou guys for the company and hearing me rant non-stop! (:

and it’s 大年除夕 today, how will YOU be celebrating it? reunion dinner with family? i’m awaiting dinner now actually although i feel more like sleeping than anything else. haven’t been helping out much in the family, not even for spring cleaning. i swear this is the moodless CNY of all. but well, it’s supposed to mark a new beginning, having new luck and all. let’s try to enjoy it as much as possible yea?

happy CNY everyone! (:

if i ain’t got you.