suppressing is hard..

i rmb somebody telling me that it’s not the amount of money you get but the number of red packets you receive that matters because it means good luck and all. so ya, i shall not brood over the pathetic sum of buckeroos i got from this year’s visiting but be very very happy because i’ve got a whole stack of ang baos!! (:

viwawa-ed again after so many years, i think i’ve got a good hand in that round! *laughs* anyways, that was what kept me awake for hours while i 守岁 on CNY eve. actually no, it’s already 初一 by then. thanks to my random suggestion, got a whole load of councilors back to viwawa, wahjong & big2.5. but it’s fun, really. i still go and play on my own when i get bored. hehe. finally retired to bed after 7am when daddy woke up but didn’t get to sleep a lot..

voices of my relatives came waking me up from my beauty sleep from about 10 11am onwards and i had no choice but to drag myself out of bed. as i said, haven’t bought any new clothes at all but managed to dig this dress out from my wardrobe. bought it a couple of months ago but haven’t wore it since. haha. oh, and look at my cutesy nieces in their korean costumes! (:

slept the day away and met up with my Ev*lution gang at night. simply chilled with them, talk crapped, play cards and took a dozen photos. too bad david and benjamin were out of town, if not we’d have had our full group photo already. looks like we won’t have a chance anytime soon since brother is going to fly back to Australia next week. oh well!

the 2nd day of CNY gets more eventless since the departure of grandma 2 years back, but what’s more this year, we don’t even visit god-grandma’s place anymore because she also left us last year. so yup, cut down to only 2 destinations, left home pretty late. one funny thing was, i actually got to meet my distant cousins for the 1st time in my 21 years after grandma ain’t around anymore. how ironic! hahaha.

back to big aunt’s place again at night as usual and chilled with my closer batch of cousins from my paternal side. female cousins 1 to 5! and sitting at our mini table in accordance to our age as usual. the empty seat is for shermian and she’s not in because she was the photographer of this picture! thanks couz!

and after a pissful day plus a failed attempt to go sing at halo bar, i’m glad i had buddy and rong² as company to come out even though it was like nearly 3am. was actually falling asleep alr but hello! i definitely am not going to waste my last night of holiday away sleeping! *laughs* went pool at beauty world and breakfast before we headed back to nua-house for random games.

had a breakfast-cum-lunch-cum-dinner meal after a long long day of sleep and a very sinful ice cream plus waffle on the 3rd day night. it’s like a very simple and nua day but i really enjoyed it. probably it’s when you start working in the society that you yearn for such times because it’s just hard to find time like that.. in any case, it’s back to work and time to strive hard again! thankyou everyone who had made my holiday so awesome although it’s been a really moodless CNY this year. (:

just, be very satisfied.