dont wake me up.

HELLO BLOGGY! can’t believe it’s been like almost half a month since i last updated. photoshop down, busy with work, no time and all.. guess i can think of more reasons and excuses to cover the fact that i’m simply lazy. maybe i kinda lost the passion and motivation to blog. but whatever the case, i’m back again! *laughs* and yup, moving on.. CNY continued on, with a couple of gatherings here and there. the above was taken at evans’s place where i gambled and won money for the 1st time! (:

and meet my colleagues! the lovely ladies who make my stay at New Era so much better. i must say they are like my main source of motivation to go to work. (:

on some random Sunday, had our usual annual YG 拜年 session and one of the stops was my place. had a great steamboat lunch with everyone at zongwei’s after that. (:

met up with my darlings and their friends at night for a KTV session and finally finally, gave them the Vday cards that are like duper belated. hearts.

matthew & buddy planned a simple celebration for their birthdays at The Hangout 2 days before their actual day. it was a HATS party so yup, can kinda see that most of us dressed our heads up for it! as for the EPIC’s celebration for buddy, we actually played mahjong overnight on the eve of his birthday. i’ll never forget how awesome my day at work went that following day. constantly dozing off and getting scolded. LOL ya, i swear i wont dare to repeat that again. hahaha

then, there was the CNY $10 million TOTO and i pooled in money with a handful of my colleagues to try our luck. and leeching on my virgin buy, we actually got a group 6 set of numbers and won like a good $1.60 each. win small small but well, better than losing it all right? sounds funny but i actually got like a couple cents of commission because they said it was my hand! ((:

watched a late night movie with buddy, babe and rongrong after another long LOSINGMONEY mahjong session on Saturday. i thought the movie was pretty good though, with loads of eyecandy to ogle at. hahah.

headed to 天国 on Sunday morning for the, again, annual QSN 团拜. as usual, watching performances and all. at the end of it all, i only look forward to the lou hei session. *grins*

met up with a couple of the Ev*lutioners after that for a long-dragged KTV session. and i swear it’s been really really long since we last sang together. (:

being the last day of CNY, lou hei-ed again with my family and friends at home and that pretty much sums up my February and CNY 2010!

my colleagues commented that i seem to have brought my entire house and property over to office but alright lah.. those people who knows me should know that i love to customize my stuff, workstation and all so that i’ve a sense of belonging.. so well, for a start, i brought over my birthday present from the councilors and my beloved patrick cushion to work. heh.

and now, the photo frame sits nicely in front of my mouse and i often get distracted by the transiting photos every minute or so. as for patrick, it’s safely in my arms and on my laps for as long as i am at the seat. (:

am marking March as a very busy month. specially burnt weekends for work and work-related activities. had the 1st assignment of looking after the XBOX360 kiosk and DJ Hero turntable last weekend, at Phuture’s 14th anniversary. i’d say it was quite good though. because the working hours got cut short to 2 hours, i actually get to party like after 1am in the name of work. how awesome right? (:

with a couple of my lovely colleagues who were there!

and not forgetting, my lovely party people whom i invited to keep me company for, supposedly, work until 5am. we did stay till 4am when the club closes though. heh.

headed to Powerhouse the following night. tagged along for babe’s girlfriend’s birthday bash since it was a Saturday night and i had nothing to do. in the picture, 自恋狂 ken with the bucket of beer we used to play 5-10s.

a group photo of smiles plus an additional wth face! lol~

now, don’t that look better? hahaha (:

the following Sunday afternoon was spent with the clique to celebrate pzz’s birthday and this year, we did something different again! fancy having a giant parfait as his birthday cake! must have tortured him quite badly. hahah

there, my lovely clique. (:

and a cutesy gift from, i think, one of my colleagues who left the company. i wish that all these farewells can stop. at least, not when i’m still there. i detest farewells! although i haven’t been there for long, there’s still this attached feeling which makes it sad to have to say goodbye. ):

alrights, finally, we’ve reached the end of the entry. my life’s been quite fucked up lately. of course, there are happy times when i can genuinely smile and laugh away. but other than those short few hours, it’s just so hard. i hate it that i feel so evil. but i just can’t help feeling that way. anyway, am currently in a silly agreement with buddy to not talk for a week which makes me feel kinda down slightly. and to make things worse, my touch just crashed on me. i seem to be very free at work but in actually fact, i’ve constantly been procrastinating work. and and and, i just can’t stop whining, it gets pretty irritating. thank God there are still people around who are willing to entertain me. be it forcefully or willingly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you! (: