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Year of the Goat

happy CNY from #quekyee! anyways, this year seems a little off from the usual CNY mood. maybe because of all the holidays I had prior to work, plus work just officially started. well, technically, I haven’t exactly started too but working shifts has been screwing with my body clock. gotta get used to it soon. (:

Hor-seh year

some snapshots of CNY this year.

we are onto the 11th day of the lunar new year already. family gatherings, reunions, catching up and whateveryoucallthose times were pretty much packed throughout. i’m glad we (boyf and i) managed to plan and spread the time out for 年初一 and 年初二 well enough to cover the activities going on for both side of our families though there was a little clash and hiccups along the way.

a different year.

Say hello

almost gone.

15 days of CNY is long over, in a wink and sometimes i wonder if it’s a good or bad thing that i’ve got nothing much to blog about lately. could be that i’m less emo, could be that i’ve no interesting happenings, could also be that i’m having too much life, too busy to come to this space! whatever the case though, i had a good time catching up with all the important people in my life over reunions, steamboat gatherings, house visits, card/board games outing and all. as for now and the days to come, am looking out for new challenges and hoping for some change in my mundane life…

scars do heal.



it’s the fabulous festive February again! since last year this time, the thing i appreciate most is having days off from work. done with a couple of reunion gatherings/meals with friends over the week and tonight will be the most important one with my family. hereby wishing everyone has an awesome time this weekend.



Long overdue

dont wake me up.

HELLO BLOGGY! can’t believe it’s been like almost half a month since i last updated. photoshop down, busy with work, no time and all.. guess i can think of more reasons and excuses to cover the fact that i’m simply lazy. maybe i kinda lost the passion and motivation to blog. but whatever the case, i’m back again! *laughs* and yup, moving on.. CNY continued on, with a couple of gatherings here and there. the above was taken at evans’s place where i gambled and won money for the 1st time! (:

photos overload.

CNY 2010

suppressing is hard..

i rmb somebody telling me that it’s not the amount of money you get but the number of red packets you receive that matters because it means good luck and all. so ya, i shall not brood over the pathetic sum of buckeroos i got from this year’s visiting but be very very happy because i’ve got a whole stack of ang baos!! (:

the long CNY break.


hello december!

and December marks the festive season again! it’s my favourite month of the year. of the holidays, end of year, welcoming the new year, countdown, christmas and all. of course, most importantly, MY BIRTHDAY! it’s the month which i finally can be of the same age with other friends born in the same year. (:

lovely month..

Chingay 2009

happy birthday, humans!

spent the last two nights of January 2009 doing Chingay duties, as we will every year. it rained pretty heavily on rehearsal day on Friday so we had quite a lot of time slacking around the area. headed to citylink’s starbucks first to wait for everyone else to arrive and, i found my new love – white chocolate mocha! *drools as i think of it* heh.

parade of dreams..

CNY 2009

it’s just the beginning..

4th 5th day of the great ox year now; how’s CNY for everyone? i suppose most of us youngsters have been busy visiting, gambling and collecting tons of ang paos. i guess it’s the same every year, however good or bad the holiday can be, it can only go so far. after which, most of us gotta get our asses back to school or to work.  for me, it was the latter, i chose to go get myself more pocket money on top of the pathetic sum of red packets i got this year. (:

the very little photos of CNY day 1 to 4.

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