some snapshots of CNY this year.

we are onto the 11th day of the lunar new year already. family gatherings, reunions, catching up and whateveryoucallthose times were pretty much packed throughout. i’m glad we (boyf and i) managed to plan and spread the time out for 年初一 and 年初二 well enough to cover the activities going on for both side of our families though there was a little clash and hiccups along the way.

probably also cos being unemployed gives you the luxury of time, on the days after the 2 public holidays, i managed to visit cheena places like Chinese Garden with the folks, dropped by River Hong Bao in the middle of a hot DAY with mommy and even did a super impromptu trip to Malaysia with boyf and family. it was like a <30 minutes decision, we packed and we drove all the way up without any plans.

anyways, it might seem like i am enjoying my life right now and yes, i’d say that this year started great but honestly, i can feel the pressure getting onto me as time passes by. as much as i enjoy this freedom i’m having, i’m getting tired and dreadful of the wait. with CNY coming to an end this week, my hopes are dying along too. probably it IS time to move on already because this uncertainty is taking its toll on me. ):