hello december!

and December marks the festive season again! it’s my favourite month of the year. of the holidays, end of year, welcoming the new year, countdown, christmas and all. of course, most importantly, MY BIRTHDAY! it’s the month which i finally can be of the same age with other friends born in the same year. (:

it’s festive mood at 3rd home too! hung up all the linglinglonglongs on the ceiling but i’m having a huge urge to pull them down each time i’m there. *laughs*

and on Saturday, we had our reunion steamboat again! bossy said it was specially for me as i always miss the steamboats they have because i’m not working or i’m not free. but whatever the case, i steamboat-ed with them again! (:

the roma’s family. manyloves.

the lovely ladies of roma’s deli. (:

Sunday morning was off to TH for blood donation drive help-out. thought it was merely admin job or stuff but i ended up having to translate the whole donor declaration form to the donors. like OMG.. so many of them couldn’t read English and i swear it was damn tough especially when the Chinese-printed copy is not available. but all in all, it was a good experience. wanted to donate too but as usual, my iron level was too low and i was rejected. quite disappointed actually considering that it’s been 10 months since my last donation and that i passed the most painful (i think) stage which is the blood test! next time i guess.. oh well!

zi hui babe posted me a really difficult task on Saturday and i went on this mission yesterday! she had to go overseas and had a test in the evening so i IMPOSED as her to go to the docs for an MC. i actually thought the doctor knows i’m not her, with the questions he asked and that he, i think, purposely checked on my heartbeat because i was so nervous and stuff. argh. i suck at acting and not to mention i haven’t been going to the doctors for years.. i don’t even remember getting an MC for school before. oh well, but in any case, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! (:

i can’t wait for our KTV date later. i’ve been dying to go for quite a while alr. and i haven’t seen my buddy for quite awhile. and i haven’t seen rara since she got back from her cruise. okay, i’m getting cranky from the excitement. LOL