stronger than yesterday.

as many would have known from my twitter, my IC went on a hide-and-seek game with me. have no idea how it got lost but it just did. feeling more of pissed than sad because it’s such a stupid way to lose it and i can’t even be sure if it was just misplaced or dropped. oh well, just my luck. still hoping it will miraculously come back to me and i swear that will be the best birthday present ever!

i hate to stop blogging for a long while and come back with a long unlinked update but well, i just thought updates without photos are boring so i decided to wait for everyone else to upload photos; till a point, i think i shall just make do with the pathetic amount of photos i have on my phone! *laughs* so this is the only photo i took during our KTV session last Tuesday at cineleisure! don’t rara just look sooooo emo? hahah.

spent the following day working at  the cruise centre. was totally freezing the entire day in our white polo tees and working pants. pretty good pay but i’d say we deserve it! hahaha. my job scope was alright but i really take my hats off the people doing the check-in and immigration; not an easy task at all..

then we rotted at Vivocity for hours after work just to wait for the 10 minutes fireworks that was up for their 3rd anniversary. it was quite worth the sittingforlonghourstillourbutthurts session. you can check out the 9-minutes notveryclearbutstillwatchable video on my facebook! (:

headed on to egames for L4D2 with a couple of the people after that. finally finally got to play campaign but for the first time, i played till i feel like puking. since when did i have motion sickness man! and that fateful night was when i lost my beloved IC.. what a great night man! ):

and i guess.. most gamers’ keyboard are like that?

my order of films arrived on a parcel from Korea! now i’ve 180 of them and i’m a very happy girl. gotta utilise them to the max once my new toy arrives! *grins*

went back to sch on Thursday morning on the mission to look for our masterpiece org chart draft but sadly, it cannot be found. it’s like something we spent days and nights and just loads of time on but in the end, just have to conclude that.. it’s all gone. oh well, just hope the next logistics team can do it up still, and make it a great and better one! (:

drove down to UOL bash that evening and i have to say, although i don’t want to admit, that it was really good. i liked almost the whole show from the opening performance till the closing one. other than it got quite draggy for the Q&A and lucky draw (they can afford the time anyways), the freestyle, fun and disorganised presentation was good. very very much like a fun school bash. in contrast, i thought ours was too professionally-done, somehow missing the element of it being a SCHOOL bash, for students. also, they have a great set of sponsors and that is, i guess, what we gotta work on for our next bash. jiayou people! (:

companions for the night. thanks guys for allowing me to have a great drive and being my GPS! for the rare number of times, i actually enjoyed driving so far out and for once, i drove past the Christmas decorations and lightings in town! *smiles widely*

the new roma’s wall @ 3rd home.

notsoexcessively excess loss of blood. i have this habit of squeezing blood out of wounds whenever i have a cut because i like to see how thick it can go and let it drip. hurhur. very sick i know, but it only applies for my own blood. i definitely do not like to see other people, including animals, bleeding in front of me. and my entire leg got numb and weak that night from this act. LOL

was at heerens on Saturday to support vincent at the 88.3FM campus reporter finals. i thought he did really well and it was quite a waste he didn’t get the title. when announcement of the 8 consolation prizes didn’t have him, the hopes of him winning were so high! oh well… nevertheless, winning mr popularity was also good. anyways, getting into the finals, already, was an affirmation!

great job, dude!

went cruise checking with rara and tart at chinatown after lunch before shopping at bugis with evans and dinner at the Japanese themed restaurant at Iluma. they allowed me to play with the ordering pen for once and it’s so amazing. a duper funny thing happened at rochor’s after that but i shall not repeat again here. like damn classic; i just couldn’t stop laughing. all i gotta say is SORRY EVANS!!

spent my Sunday shopping with sissy at town. my only purpose was to get a dress for my birthday but sadly, after hours of walking, nothing caught my eye. hur.. sissy managed to get something though. but i’m not surprised because it’s always the case! oh well..

at least i had a treat from her to an awesome red tea jelly ice with longan and carnation milk @ her ex-workplace. i must say it’s one of the best ice i’ve ever had and i’d definitely recommend it to others. the only problem is.. i don’t remember the exact location of the shop.. LOL

was up at babe’s place earlier this afternoon to work on my guestbook. thankyou babe for all the materials and stock! at least now my book looks quite properly designed! would never have done it with my pathetic set of plain alphabets. will think of how to further beautify it. shall reveal it after my birthday party next Friday! i’m actually getting quite excited! ((:

10 more days.