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NE Games Day 2012

working miracles.

so we wrapped up our annual games day in a flash. the preparation was disastrous; probably cos we started preparing too late this year. for the first time, we weren’t completely ready even up till an hour before the event began. other than a little hiccup here and there, everything went well (i guess). thank you all who attended and of cos the team who helped out. we totally made a miracle happen. *raise champagne glasses*

PS: i’d really love to upload some photos from our hardwork but i’m too lazy. guess instagram made me so… lol
3 more months.


at its maximum.

spent the past weekend with a bunch of crazy girls in a makeupmeltinginmysweat state. i must say the continuous 12 hours of standing for 3 consecutive days really drained me off all energy and my legs off all strength but the cold, hard cash that we received at the end of everything was all so worth it! and it was a good experience learning all the names & teams that i’ve never bothered to before.. plus, i actually enjoyed the little bitching around with the young ladies. *smiles

now now now, can’t wait for the LTE S3 to arrive in Singapore so that i can lay my hands on this beautiful gadget. afterall, that was what i worked so hard for.. HEH

PS: 110 days more to see my beau in person.
miss him so much! ):

Formula one


this date marks a happy day for my two beloved colleagues cos they both flew overseas with their boyfriends. HOW ENVIOUS! so yea, being left alone behind, i’m glad i’ve a life-savior for lunch and all. *smiles* pretty random but my Friday was actually packed traveling around; ABC for lunch, funan for retail, home for dinner, and back to city hall for F1!

the virgin experience…

NE Games day

06 April 2010

in a period of, i think, less than a week, we got ourselves prepared for our very own Games Day. i think it’s the 4th one after 3 held last year. nevertheless, it was my first! having to present read the script for like a good 20 minutes in front at the back of a whole load of people was a challenge. well, people who knows me should know how much i detest presentations. well, a good experience though! (:

the long day..


slightly addicted.

20th March 2010
2 – 8pm

it’s dear SATURDAY again and i’m in office packing up stuff for the event later. doubt much people will actually see this in time to join me but if you are, come down and join us at the Game Fiesta @ Cineleisure LATER! there’ll be Band Hero, DJ Hero and Tony Hawk RIDE competition going on. furthermore, there will be a lucky draw going on and all you have to do is FILL UP A FORM! yups, as easy as that, see you there! ((:

in the midst of work.

Big lost

stronger than yesterday.

as many would have known from my twitter, my IC went on a hide-and-seek game with me. have no idea how it got lost but it just did. feeling more of pissed than sad because it’s such a stupid way to lose it and i can’t even be sure if it was just misplaced or dropped. oh well, just my luck. still hoping it will miraculously come back to me and i swear that will be the best birthday present ever!

updates over the week.

PD 1909: RMIT bash 2009

and the bash this year was held at Zirca. compared to Zouk last year, i actually felt that we have a newer and much prettier location this year although many would disagree. but well, i guess the most important thing is still the program itself even if the crowd wasn’t as awesome. things went well and it was wrapped up successfully anyways. kudos to all who was involved and contributed, in one way or another, in this annual event of SIM-RMIT FTSC! (:

the AVANT GARDE-ish party!

BASH 2009 Advert



19th September 2009
1830 to 2200 hours

get details & tickets from me!

* this is an advertisement; expiring 18th september *

Chingay 2009

happy birthday, humans!

spent the last two nights of January 2009 doing Chingay duties, as we will every year. it rained pretty heavily on rehearsal day on Friday so we had quite a lot of time slacking around the area. headed to citylink’s starbucks first to wait for everyone else to arrive and, i found my new love – white chocolate mocha! *drools as i think of it* heh.

parade of dreams..

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