this date marks a happy day for my two beloved colleagues cos they both flew overseas with their boyfriends. HOW ENVIOUS! so yea, being left alone behind, i’m glad i’ve a life-savior for lunch and all. *smiles* pretty random but my Friday was actually packed traveling around; ABC for lunch, funan for retail, home for dinner, and back to city hall for F1!

anyways, it was a really hot night but i enjoyed the long long walks around the entire place. after all, tt’s my first time experiencing this wonderful event LIVE, although it’s only for the 1st night where there’s nothing much. of mixed-up beers, deafening sounds from the racing cars, mud on the shoes, feeling noob from asking all the questions about F1 and a bloody expensive parking fee, i still had this supposedly-lonely Friday well-spent nonetheless. (:

well of course, all because, the company was great to start with. *smiles* thanks for the tix, shirong! or should i say, thankyou uncle? ps: refering to his dad. eh, maybe i should say i got lucky cos i happened to reply his twit the fastest.. in any case, still, appreciate it!

i actually am over it.