thinking through..

spent the Saturday evening at 星’s where we played monopoly deal, chitchatgossiptillyoudrop, ate mooncakes, tidbits and whatsnot. think the other half of the time was spent photoboothing on her macbook and ONCE AGAIN, i am tempted to buy. oh well. and then i wanna do braces too, i want the new itouch or iphone 4. what else? just can’t seem to be satisfied with what i own.. hurhur~

anyways. had a good chill-out session with my fellow Ev*ls and actually, if you follow us close enough, you’ll realise our group has been growing, and is STILL growing. *laughs* from a good 8, to a 10, to a 12, and now 14. (missing 2 in the picture though) btw, not that it’s a bad thing but i do hope that’s the cut-off point. it’s gonna be busy having to celebrate 14 birthdays every year. and i mean, in just one clique of friends. LOL.

jio-ed buddy and headed over to BPCC in the afternoon for the blood donation drive but as usual, this is what i got in return. my blood couldn’t hit the minimum iron level of 12.5 (i got 12.3) and i was slightly feverish. oh well, time to really 恶补 the iron level in my body and i shall go again in another few weeks. it’s been really long since i last made a donation. i can’t even remember when it was.. HMM

like a breeze.