happy 22nd wuwu!

exactly 2 weeks after xumige’s birthday comes wushuyi’s. and for a cake-nonlover like her, we settled for ice cream instead. dinner was at Marche where i had my favourite dosage of rosti and crepes. celebration wasn’t anything fanciful but nothing beats having it simple, with the loveliest clique. hopefully we made wuwu a happy girl.

group photo of the day. for a change, we used gege’s new camera which i think was her birthday present that we managed to chip a little in. heh. and i realised we always have our group photos taken like that..

Monday evening was spent with my awesome em-en-pians. i hate to admit but i actually felt old sitting in with them although i’m probably younger than most of the guys there. in any case, i had fun KTV-ing with whoever’s in the room. thankyous kerkie for giving all of us a treat. i guess we’ll all return him with a drink or something during bash tmr.

talking about that, it’s SIM-RMIT BASH 2010 tomorrow! are you ready for THE BIG M PARTY? hahah. i actually am quite looking forward to it because being in the team last year, i rmb us all saying we’ll learn from it and make the next a much better one. i’d love to see the great leap and feel proud for this year’s team. i’m sure it’s going to be a blast. join us at Zouk tmr for a good weekday party! (: