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Pok Gae


I’ve never really thought of how I’d want my Hen’s(or so they call “Pok Gae”) Night to be.. But I’m really thankful to have my dear girls plan out a whole day event. Had a day of non-stop guessing of places/activities. Enjoyed myself with the floral jamming although I totally sucked at arranging flowers. Surprised to see the guys at dinner time and the after-party. Honestly, I’m really glad to have them being part of it although no, they didn’t provide any stripping or dance moves.. I had a fair bit of drinks thanks to all of the Clique and I had a great night, love you girls (& guys). :*



because my one and only sister is finally married (like traditionally). well, legally, they’ve tied the knots since almost 2 years ago. but it’s different seeing daddy walking her down the aisle and seeing her in the pretty white gown and all. CONGRATS MY PRETTIEST JIE, 要幸福久久哦~ ❤


2nd bouquet.

HAPPY BABY BREATHS VALENTINE’S DAY! here’s to the last first and last valentine’s day with D as an engaged couple. since he’s unable to spend it with me, I can see he has filled the void with this pretty little delivery. my heart is full tonight. ❤

Last of 2015

I think the problem with me is that I don’t like to tell people what I’m thinking (or expecting) sometimes. Then I get upset when they don’t do what I’m expecting them to do. Then I keep it to myself and get sad by myself, with myself. I know we are all not effing mind readers, but I just don’t get why I am like that. Maybe that’s something to change in the coming 2016. So much to reflect on for the past year yet I haven’t found time and energy to really pen it down. Guess it’s not in my list of priorities after all. This year marks a couple of life-changing moments and I’m grateful for everyone who has been part and involved in my life. 

Last few hours of 2015 and am pissed with the persistent headache that has bugged me since last night. Then again, shall shake this negativity off me and welcome the new year with a smile! Hoping countdown at work with my happy bunch of colleagues would make me happier later. 

Anyhows, GOODBYE 2015 AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016!

Year of the Goat

happy CNY from #quekyee! anyways, this year seems a little off from the usual CNY mood. maybe because of all the holidays I had prior to work, plus work just officially started. well, technically, I haven’t exactly started too but working shifts has been screwing with my body clock. gotta get used to it soon. (:

Happy birthday, dad!


so the only man at home has turned a year older – not like it’s gonna make his hair any whiter (than it already is) but yea, it’s a happy age more for me cos I can FINALLY waive my poly school fees loan repayment from CPF! *evil laughs*

celebration for the old man.

Hor-seh year

some snapshots of CNY this year.

we are onto the 11th day of the lunar new year already. family gatherings, reunions, catching up and whateveryoucallthose times were pretty much packed throughout. i’m glad we (boyf and i) managed to plan and spread the time out for 年初一 and 年初二 well enough to cover the activities going on for both side of our families though there was a little clash and hiccups along the way.

a different year.



on the yester was the eve of CNY eve, also my last day of work. had my first red packet of the year from Johnny to mark the end of my 7.5 years journey with Roma’s Deli. ending this chapter of my life and starting a new one soon (hopefully). though still unsure what life will bring me in the new chapter, guess it’s still time to flip the page, and move on. looking forward to new adventures ahead but before that, gotta let loose and enjoy the lunar new year to the fullest! welcoming the new (horse) year with open arms, please be good to me! :*)



first day of 2014 was spent with my uni clique of friends (Recycle Bins) after breakfast with the folks. at brunch, I received my first birthday cake of the year, brought over from last year. made the same wish over and over again, believing it will come true soon.

a new look.

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