so the only man at home has turned a year older – not like it’s gonna make his hair any whiter (than it already is) but yea, it’s a happy age more for me cos I can FINALLY waive my poly school fees loan repayment from CPF! *evil laughs*

anyway, apart from this hundred-dollar birthday durian sissy bought for a surprise celebration for him on Saturday, I decided to also take the chance to give the family a treat to USS.


I guess we did have a day of fun though everyone is pretty much exhausted from  walking under the scorching hot sun but this trip made me realised how my folks have aged since our last holiday together. they no longer can take thrill rides like before but sadly, the two unfilial daughters failed to notice it earlier and happily brought them up a ride which gave them a good fright. for once, the express pass seemed like a quick pass to hell for them.


but well, I guess other than that, the express pass, which btw, only cost 20$ that day, made the whole trip a breeze. almost no queuing was required and honestly, I never understood why majority of the people never bothered to buy it. I swear it saves at least 80% of your time there.

the day ended off with another very uncalled for big splash at Lights! Camera! Action! by Steven Spielberg and I’ll always remember never to stand at the first row ever again. got splashed at a few other rides too much the entire day all of us kinda got grumpy.

had a simple dinner back at our favorite coffeeshop in the west and I concussed right on the living room floor after. nonetheless, I look forward to more family times like this and I really hope to plan a good overseas trip for them in the near future.