first day of 2014 was spent with my uni clique of friends (Recycle Bins) after breakfast with the folks. at brunch, I received my first birthday cake of the year, brought over from last year. made the same wish over and over again, believing it will come true soon.

and so, I decided to give my blog a new look after sticking to the same theme for more than a year. probably this would bring me back to update more often.

I realised they updated WordPress with different post formats as well. I kinda disliked it initially because it reminds me of tumblr which is more meant for microblogging and this was supposed to be more of a real blog instead. but now that I look back on my options, I don’t see why I can’t use it for the former since I’ve pretty much left my emo tumblr site to die. not to mention I have been, and still am, paying for this domain, which makes more sense for me to use it to the fullest.

so hello again, my dear blog! you’ve been starved for years now. 2014 shall be the year you’ll be fed again. (:

ps: the WordPress snow is still falling as of now. super love the look!