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New Year

Last of 2015

I think the problem with me is that I don’t like to tell people what I’m thinking (or expecting) sometimes. Then I get upset when they don’t do what I’m expecting them to do. Then I keep it to myself and get sad by myself, with myself. I know we are all not effing mind readers, but I just don’t get why I am like that. Maybe that’s something to change in the coming 2016. So much to reflect on for the past year yet I haven’t found time and energy to really pen it down. Guess it’s not in my list of priorities after all. This year marks a couple of life-changing moments and I’m grateful for everyone who has been part and involved in my life. 

Last few hours of 2015 and am pissed with the persistent headache that has bugged me since last night. Then again, shall shake this negativity off me and welcome the new year with a smile! Hoping countdown at work with my happy bunch of colleagues would make me happier later. 

Anyhows, GOODBYE 2015 AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016!



on the yester was the eve of CNY eve, also my last day of work. had my first red packet of the year from Johnny to mark the end of my 7.5 years journey with Roma’s Deli. ending this chapter of my life and starting a new one soon (hopefully). though still unsure what life will bring me in the new chapter, guess it’s still time to flip the page, and move on. looking forward to new adventures ahead but before that, gotta let loose and enjoy the lunar new year to the fullest! welcoming the new (horse) year with open arms, please be good to me! :*)



first day of 2014 was spent with my uni clique of friends (Recycle Bins) after breakfast with the folks. at brunch, I received my first birthday cake of the year, brought over from last year. made the same wish over and over again, believing it will come true soon.

a new look.


so this year, we (the clique) decided to do away with setting resolution for the new year and coming out with end-of-year punishments for failing those resolutions together on a fancy piece of paper. but I happened to come across an interesting article posted by chu and I thought some of them serve as good self-reminders on certain issues I’ve always wanted to address.

new year resolutions?

Start of 2013

happy new year!

continuing our tradition of writing resolutions, spent NYE with the clique once again. entertainment level up by 50% with the silly punishments for failing to fulfill 2012 resolutions. anyway, the past year was pretty well-spent. accumulatively, i actually went for holidays for more than 3 weeks with boyf. hoping to travel more with him and clique of friends in the coming year, embark on more new adventures and of course, fulfill my 3+1 resolutions too. wishing everyone a prosperous 2013! ❤

12 more days!

Start of 2012

happy new year!

spent the first hour plus of the year with the clique as usual, writing and sharing our resolutions. great to have baby “by my side” too although just virtually. spent the rest of the day at the annual thanksgiving in the morning and then to work. nothing really specially but we baked a cake to celebrate 2012!

hope the year will mark a great start for everyone and all my fellow dragon babies, it’s finally going to be our year, again! heh.

2 more weeks!


happy new year?

is it a little late to say HAPPY NEW YEAR? *laughs* anyway, happy 2011! i hope everyone had a blast for countdown, celebration and whatsnot. well, i had my fair bit of fun. couldn’t get into clubs, rejected a house party and all.. but well, all in the name of my resolutions, guess it’s good. made 3 resolutions, penned it down in the presence of gege & tayobe, added another one or two in my head too. let’s hope all will be good!

back to work for a bit. still need a little getting used to worklife after really nua-ing the whole holiday period away. just can’t seem to get my momentum again. a part of me still wants to rest. HMM. i need a getaway. a short trip overseas maybe?

a line difference.


as the year slowly comes to an end, we tend to be more emotional and attempt to reflect on our doings for the year. anyways, change change CHANGE! so many changes around me, so many changes that i wanna do as well. in a way, feel like i’m somebody who’s always waiting for a change THAN really working on making one. probably time for some “real” change. for a start, made a little amendments to the fleur de lys theme. a little colour change and my dear little e<3 logo. something for the new year at least? (:

woken up.


away from you.

11 more days to the new year, to a new 2011. well, other than the difference in the numbers when you write the year, it’s actually just another normal day. somehow, though, for the past couple of years, been trying to write those what we call “resolutions” and what was done in the year, what to expect in the following year and all. it’s becoming like a norm? or perhaps, just another way to psycho myself or find a reason to do things i’ve been procrastinating?

changes, no?

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