away from you.

11 more days to the new year, to a new 2011. well, other than the difference in the numbers when you write the year, it’s actually just another normal day. somehow, though, for the past couple of years, been trying to write those what we call “resolutions” and what was done in the year, what to expect in the following year and all. it’s becoming like a norm? or perhaps, just another way to psycho myself or find a reason to do things i’ve been procrastinating?

i was trying to trace my past resolutions and all with my blog. well, at least i managed to trace up to a period of 5 years. read what i wrote in 2005 and i hate to say that i’m still the same old me. *laughs* in a way, i’m wishing for the same thing i wished for back then – to keep away memories of a certain him into my heart and not bring the feelings over to a brand new year. how kiddish yea. and then, somewhere in 2007 that i want to find out what i really want in life and stop living so aimlessly when i’m not a teenager anymore. BUT somehow, i still need that wish, that hope, that “resolution”. see.. that’s how much i hadn’t changed.  so silly.

and there was a year i stopped all this resolution shit because, what cutting down on alcohol, having a-picture-a-day project and all, they just DON’T happen! still, i hope to place a tiny hope on myself, have a little more faith that i can do it this time round. as much as i wished to have it “pen” down here, i decided i shouldn’t.

in any case, there are 3 things i want to do, need to do, have to do. i suppose people close to me should have been told about it. these 3 things may sound easy, normal, and nothing special. but i’m swear it’s going to take a lot of effort. and since they’ve been procrastinated for a long while now, come on tsehwee, it’s time to do something about it..

let me be history while you be his story.