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Pigging out

weekend indulgence.

always love times spent with my awesome people. this is my favourite photo for today and i’ve (obviously) photoshopped it to make it seem complete but anyhow, i’m awaiting the day Ev*lution gets physically reunited again! somehow, we always meet to eat and every meet-up involves food..

some pictures as proof…

Express passes

party in the studios.

spent the last day of July with my awesome people at Universal Studios Singapore. we conquered all (except those waste-of-time-kiddy) rides and even had time to go a 2nd time for some of the hottest rides, all thanks to this thing called the EXPRESS PASS! well, it cost almost as much as our discounted one-day pass but trust me, it was worth it. you literally beat that crazy queue for almost everything although it’s only valid for just once. anyhow, i guess it’s the company that matters more. i really really love this photo. (:

PS: been a bloody long time since i blogged. how is this space surviving without updates?
open arms.

On the low

thinking through..

spent the Saturday evening at 星’s where we played monopoly deal, chitchatgossiptillyoudrop, ate mooncakes, tidbits and whatsnot. think the other half of the time was spent photoboothing on her macbook and ONCE AGAIN, i am tempted to buy. oh well. and then i wanna do braces too, i want the new itouch or iphone 4. what else? just can’t seem to be satisfied with what i own.. hurhur~

a weekend without moonlighting..

Total red


this is such an overdue picture to blog about because it was taken before mikey 头 left for his training in Japan but he’s already coming back like… tmr? *laughs* still, i like this photo. we all looked so in unison although i have to admit we were forced into hooking our hands tgt by the act-drunk man. i think would be better if amelia and jerms changed place though. then, there would be a pattern. anyhows, incomplete but that’s my lovely Ev*lution. (:

of work and more work..

Of longevity

the tears you don’t see,

had two birthday celebrations in a row yesterday and boy, there were like huge loads of food. same catering for both, familiar locations too. like of cos, granny’s was at home and claudia’s was at where i previously held my 21st. both was awesome and i had a good time catching up with my couzs and friends. (:

the birthdays & gathering.

PD: Lost in time

be alone.

exams have been over for more than a week now. thought it was quite time for me to find a job since i SHOULD most probably be able to graduate but well, guess i’ll just get busy with my stuff and enjoy a little of holidays first before permanently stepping into society. on a side note, the blog feels pretty abandoned and i shall squeeze some time for some updates.. (:

into half of November..

The farewell


headed to school in the morning to do some self-study for the lectures i slept through and skipped. but somehow, only managed to read half of what i was planning to so i suppose i’ll go down again another day. if only i could bring the textbook home. OH WELL. and as much as i thought the case study the lecturer was going to discuss in the upcoming lecture was pretty important, decided to give it a miss too because i wanted to see brother off on his flight to Perth. guess i won’t be able to concentrate in class anyways.. hah.

the airport & thereafter.

May day

follow your heart.

had a dinner gathering at jerms’ yesterday after some walkabout session at bugis with a couple of the gang peeps. anyways, it was supposed to be a belated birthday celebration but i guess there wasn’t much of that kind of mood given that it’s so belated and.. ya, the right kind of mood was just not there. hur.. but not too bad, at least the picture does looked kinda complete of the family i come to label as the gang.


CNY 2009

it’s just the beginning..

4th 5th day of the great ox year now; how’s CNY for everyone? i suppose most of us youngsters have been busy visiting, gambling and collecting tons of ang paos. i guess it’s the same every year, however good or bad the holiday can be, it can only go so far. after which, most of us gotta get our asses back to school or to work.  for me, it was the latter, i chose to go get myself more pocket money on top of the pathetic sum of red packets i got this year. (:

the very little photos of CNY day 1 to 4.

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