be alone.

exams have been over for more than a week now. thought it was quite time for me to find a job since i SHOULD most probably be able to graduate but well, guess i’ll just get busy with my stuff and enjoy a little of holidays first before permanently stepping into society. on a side note, the blog feels pretty abandoned and i shall squeeze some time for some updates.. (:

talking about my new sleeping area, i’ve got new sleeping pals too!

and that, is my new sleeping area which is so empty and i wanna decorate and do something to it soon when i get the time and money. probably some wall shelf, wall lamps, photo frames and stuff. (:

couple of weeks ago, celebrated mommy’s 4xth birthday.

got her a cake from awfully chocolate and this is my lovely family.

on some random days, i think after our 2nd paper, headed to halo bar to chill. was just talking about ris low and her videos when we realised we were all so RED and BOOMZ that day. 4 out of 5 of us. SHINGZ~ sorry kerkie, but thanks for the picture! hahaha.

and the eve of November was, as usual, spent at a cool place drinking away for vinod’s birthday. last year was at wala-wala and this year, reddot @ dempsey. (:

the pretty green beer!

on another random day, after our 3rd paper i think.. had tau huay with tang yuan (for the first time) at bukit timah market. yummys. i still like peanut one. (:

on the eve of the eve of my last paper, went to school to mug, as usual. and flora brought us the chocolate cheesecake her sis made. it was heavenly yummy! oh fyi if you didn’t know, i love cakes! i’m one who will eat up all the cream that every other person might say “eww” to… (:

that same night, had buddy to revise BF with me at macs because i was lost for the module. took a picture of this because i don’t remember seeing a potato picture on the fries before! thought it was quite cute. anyways, talking about fries. i think i haven’t had it for probably more than a month now. other than it’s quite fattening, all the videos on about how much preservatives macs stuff has really turned me off.. oh well.

the Friday night after the end of my exams was spent with Ev*lution gang celebrating amelia’s birthday. went to minds cafe for some chillout and board games before heading to rochor for supper.. happy 20th my dear!

the following day, met up with the clique before the mingwei and yongbeng goes to wallaby. haven’t been involved in their gatherings because i was too busy with school but yay, at least i get to see them before they are back like 3 weeks later.. lunch at my 3rd home before a yummy family fondue @ cottage waffles place.

my lovely clique. (:

Monday was abigail’s “twenty once upon a-bi” party and i thought the theme was pretty unique. but too bad, it was quite hard to dress to the theme! *laughs* we had a great time taboo-ing the whole morning away with a little baileys and seriously.. it’s one of the rare times spending the night with council people without alcohol. hahaha.

swimming with g on Wednesday morning was great. i’m so glad the weather was good despite being rainy for the rest of the week. the last time i swam with her was like.. 3 or 4 months ago? sadly though, i still haven’t gotten the hang of the strokes plus breathing and stuff. the best thing i can do, still, is to play around and float in water.. sorry to disappoint my sexy coach!

met up with DAZ in the evening at clementi’s de coder’s cafe. spent a great evening with board games again and it was of cos great to meet up with everyone after about 5 months away from one another. met sasa’s boyfriend for the first time and jul’s for the… countless number of time. but girls, i think we need another gathering without the guys because it’s been too long since we last TALKED! (:

alrights, and that’s about all. currently still in the midst of planning for my birthday and i’m really starting to worry because it’s the rainy season. i haven’t thought of how i can house all my guests in that small little area i booked. time to get back to my guest list and hmm.. i think i can finally finalise it now. i already have in mind who i can remove.. hahahah. and please, just get me away from chasing all the dramas now! my to-do list is still so so so long! zzz..

and i like it that way..