the day 4 out of 5 of us BOOMZ again. this time, we allowed the SHINGZ to take photo WITH us, not OF us. hahaha and kudos to mr huang for his super-zhun aiming and i love this photo. (:

headed to the National Stadium last Saturday to watch soccer live for the 1st time. it was a pretty good experience. although i’ve no clue who were the players, not even one, at least there is a team to support. which of course, is SINGAPORE! okay, maybe we shouldn’t be so proud since we lost but hey.. at least i got to sing the national anthem which has almost gone into Forget mode.

and yups, it was against Thailand for the AFC Asian Cup 2011 qualifications.

the odd one out “Thailand supporter” sitting with us. hahah. i thought the Thai people were playing pretty smelly. they just kept wanting to waste and delay time although they were already leading. quite stupid to even try to delay a penalty kick. hurhur..

the final score.. people already started leaving when it was 2-0, then 3-0.. that’s how much we Singaporeans support our fellow countrymates huh. but well, i thought it was pretty interesting to sit through it all.. then hearing the locals scolding and cursing the Thais as well as the referee. not a scene you get to see everyday yea? hahaha.

buddy joined us for the late night movie after that at vivo. i still find myself a little dumb to pay $10 to watch a movie which i’ve watched like more than an hour of it online but just haven’t got time to complete it. i must say the exciting parts were only the last 20 minutes but still, i don’t find it a good movie at all. probably one of the worst movies i’ve watched, ranking 2nd to Drag Me to Hell. to people who reviewed this as a great movie, i’m sorry but i beg to differ! oh well..