one more month!

drew up my schedule for the following 8 – 9 weeks till the Taiwan trip in January. just wanted to be more organized on when i’m free and when i’m not. was telling buddy that at least this time i’m slowly filling up the empty spaces and not trying to squeeze appointments in like the one i had for study break. so yup, it’s a good sign i guess.. trying to fit more work into the empty slots, need $$$ for birthday party and the trip!

but still, i just keep writing and re-writing my to-do list on my phone, my com and paper because every time i am free, i just think of what i need to but have yet to do.. so yea, while waiting for things to do at work, i scribbled like a whole list of things i had to do and slowly cancel them off.

Sunday was to zoo zoo zoo with the kids. had some issues but i actually preferred the times chilling outside the zoo than under the sun in the zoo. but still, i thought it was a good experience considering that i haven’t been there for ages. i felt like a kid who’s amazed by every single act of the animals. haha. visited gabriel at his place after that and please my dear 日, GET WELL SOON! (:

back at work and boss saved a cup of roma’s home-made ice cream for me. guava flavoured. yummys. one day i wanna learn too. then i can make my own vanilla ice cream! *grins*

after that, he proceeded to making breads, in curry potato and in tau sar paste. only got to eat it a day after but as usual, they tasted great. my boss is a really talented man but too bad, i’m really too lazy to attempt to master his skills. hahaha.

headed down to school for bi-AGM after half-day work on Monday and this is my beloved MnP department. welcoming teddy back to the department and congrats to all newly appointed excos. (:

off to halo bar after that with the usual people. with flora, the lovely girl whom i always snatch sides with. hahaha i think we look pretty awkward in this picture cos both of us were trying to tilt to show the left side of our faces. *laughs*

a toast to our new MnP head. erm, i know it the picture it looks like wilson but nopes..

it’s for EVANS who was cut away halfway in the picture.

the squeezy room when more people joined us after dinner.

with babe. i realised we haven’t been taking much pictures together!

look at the big bruise on my thigh! i think it looks really real. don’t you think so? hahaha it’s actually just a shadow from the sunshield on the car’s window. heh.

anyways, accompanied sissy to NUH earlier on for her tooth extraction. was like her personal assistant; helping her to call people, flag cab and guess what she’s trying to say.. hurhur. oh ya, that’s her tooth before she went in. well, she’s a brave girl but i still think it’s stupid to pay money to suffer! i shall be a very good sister and help her eat whatever she can’t eat during this whole period. wahahha. so much love right? (:

always in a dilemma.