my current two favourite keeps, in my wallet and ezlink card holder. thankyou fion darling, i’ll return you with it when i buy more films for my birthday. i’m starting to fall in love with these instant photos. heh.

epic at butterfact last Wednesday. coincidentally, we were all in black and white! this is our keyboard shot. super like. (: anyways, thought the night was pretty fun but i expected more people to be there. oh well.

the following Friday was rene babe’s 21st party!

back to the 80s and she had all the oldschool candies and stuff. damn cool. lovely. brings back all the sweet memories. and her party was awesome cos everything, including the cake was all home-made. the mum is really WOW. (:

groupies in retro mode. note the pretty cake!

with the birthday girl. love ya loads.

the Thursday after was vanessa’s 22nd at her place! this two parties totally made me travel to far away places. rene’s took me like an hour plus to get home man. but thankfully for van’s, there is evans! lovely, thankyou so much for the ride. i’m glad we stay QUITE near. muahahah.

MnP lovelies plus mr president at her birthday.

the lovely birthday girl, thanks for the invite. the party was also very awesome. food and cake and everything was home-made too. and the beverage alcohol potluck idea was really wow.

i swear there was like really too much drinks. too many different varieties and the birthday girl was totally going around pouring different liquor, wine and beer into everyone’s cup. the game 21 lasted us for a couple of hours before we manage to slip ourselves free. had a great time chilling with everyone anyways. (: