keeping myself busy.

some random shot with my herbivorous friend called Pacu (巴古) at some farms at Kranji Countryside. anyways, have been on a couple of random assignments apart from my permanent part-time job at 3rd home and all i care about now is $$$. packing my schedule with jobs totally makes me happy. (:

the 1st was some print assistant at Robinson’s private event. took over ryan’s position helping his brother for the 2nd night and i thought it was quite fun to just stand there, look at the pretty pictures he took and print them. in my free time, i was like solitaring away on the touch screen PC. not too bad a job afterall. (:

free chocolates from the staff! they were so nice people. and really damn cute. most of the photos taken were of them instead of the shoppers and cardmembers cos they were happily pulling the photographer to different corners to have their pictures taken. so cute.

caught the movie with the steamboat people after their steamy affair and my work last Saturday and i thought the movie was pretty cute. though i didn’t really get the whole story.. shuffling seats was total random but sitting beside abigail was.. pretty enlightening, for the first time, i should say. whahaha.

anyways, the other few were assignments from wenfang which lovely rara got me. facilitating amazing races for different schools. being at tampines at 7.30am was really no joke but okay lah, for the pay… HAHAH.

anyways, we kinda get to go on field trips and excursion like little kids during briefing and on the actual day itself. it’s been like years since i actually went exploring in Singapore. there are really amazing and fascinating places man. you gotta see for yourself!

with rara, my partner for the day! oh, did i mention.. the champion for the amazing race is from our bus! woohoo. we are awesome people. LOL

oh, and we had free lunch at seoul garden! they must been damn damn damn happy lah. but for me, it’s nothing since i don’t have much to eat. but still, it was fun watching them eat! hahaha. the MnP and events people. (:

after work that day, we went over to chill at town where the 2nd council room was. thought the people there was really lucky to get such a fun job! like you get paid spending the entire day with your fellow friends. damn nice. and we took a photo, which is also part of their job and..

i get a free chilli crab! kawaii. (:

L4D2 with the L4D people after that followed by tau huay supper. honestly, i really dislike playing versus because i totally suck at it! i just need to train up with campaign before i can play with the pros. it just makes me feel damn lousy in versus! oh please.. next time, I WANT CAMPAIGN! heh.

us in shades: clear, red and black. the next excursion was to Sentosa but nah, nothing really interesting about that since we’ve always been to that place. but that two days were really sunny but too bad, weren’t in the right attire for tanning.

with rara under wilson’s jacket. the job the following day was really tiring to the max because we had to go around the mini island under the scorching hot sun. zzz. but all’s good cos at the end of the day.. the team of teachers i led came in FIRST! *grins* too bad, i don’t get extra pay because of that. ):

my favourite potato fried with cheese as dinner at 3rd home. and i can’t wait for steamboat lunch tmr. LATER actually! anyways, been ages since i last blogged. it’s 1.30am now and i’m already getting lost at what i’m typing. in any case, that’s about all for updates! i love working, i love to work, i love having work to work. (:

but i’m really tired to the max.