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Filling in

one more month!

drew up my schedule for the following 8 – 9 weeks till the Taiwan trip in January. just wanted to be more organized on when i’m free and when i’m not. was telling buddy that at least this time i’m slowly filling up the empty spaces and not trying to squeeze appointments in like the one i had for study break. so yup, it’s a good sign i guess.. trying to fit more work into the empty slots, need $$$ for birthday party and the trip!

of zoo, work, bi-agm, halo bar and dentist.

A hort tuesday


and so, the free day from the postponed orientation on Tuesday was spent with g on a phototherapy trip with ben’s DSLR. okay, i think i repeated that detail far too many times.  anyways, only took 300 over photos, filtered away a hundred and i’m already having a hard time uploading them to facebook. i wonder which photo is the cause of it. anyhows, just a couple of photos to blog about.. (:

the hort park walk and more..

Science centre with DAZ


so yup, about the Science Centre trip with DAZ last Wednesday, finally some time to post some pictures about it. *laughs* i think this is the best group photo we took outside our destination. or rather, the only one. the only thing i don’t like about it is the date stamp on sasa’s head. just gave us away that we took the photo upside down huh..

the day science amazed us again.

Of a filled Sunday

i got over it.

had a long day at work on Saturday; very grateful to gab who saved my day like how fifi did on Friday. heh. shall skip the details though. rights, then had a duper long and draggy discussion with the clique online. had suggestions from barrage to settlers or minds to exploring Singapore to mall-hopping to picnic. was quite settled for that decision at probably 2am in the morning but the plan was then changed back to barrage a couple of hours later which is approximately an hour before meeting time. indecisive eh? but i had a great day! heh. left them in the evening to attend cuthbert’s 21st, followed by the KTV date with the gang before jimmy’s enlistment on Thursday.

yes, i had a LONG day.


still in me.

daddy’s got an off day again, headed to Chinatown with him and mommy since i’ve nothing on. objective was to find the best rate to exchange some cash for our coming TW trip but we ended up visiting the new Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum (BTRTM).

a visit to the temple.

HPV + bridge

right, the pictures of the stated title are kinda overdue so, i shall not upload all of them. chosen a few but still, it needs some scrolling. before i start, do meet my toys! (:

i brought both out but only used the 4-lens one. disappointingly, after spending a couple of buckaroos on the film and developing, there was only 24 out of 36 that was visible. and among that pathetic amount, only a few was successful. my aiming was super off and most of them turned out to be shots of the floor. ):

view the selected pictures..

MINT & Haji Lane

did i mention that my boy’s plate came out in the 4D starters two days ago? too bad i don’t gamble, so no luck for a little fortune. who would expect it to come out anyways? lol. and to add on, i kinda miss him. ):

alrights, after some choosing and editing, you can find a couple of photos taken during yesterday’s trip under the cut. shall let the pictures do the talking unless otherwise needed. alternatively, full set of photos (including all the randomly taken toys) can be found here. (:

the journey

Friday night

sadly, no luck for a USB cable. had the photos transfered using my supervisor’s card reader. so here, a couple of photos from friday night.. i think we walked throughout the night. all the way from bugis to roma’s to selegie road to plaza singapura to heerens to takashimaya. i think we’re good. HEH. (:

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