still in me.

daddy’s got an off day again, headed to Chinatown with him and mommy since i’ve nothing on. objective was to find the best rate to exchange some cash for our coming TW trip but we ended up visiting the new Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum (BTRTM).

the personnel there commented that my skirt was too short thus she wrapped a sarong around me. saw a lot of other cloths at the entrance when i was returning. if i’d known earlier, would have chosen a prettier one! *laughs*

the interior.

visits to the other storeys. daddy “bathing” the buddha.

some artifacts i bothered to shoot. ((:

the lovely parents.

underexposed; the ugly sarong. lols.

the model of the temple.

there was a teahouse there as well. smelt good but seems like pretty expensive. oh well, shall go there to try some day. there’s quite a lot of vegetarian eating places over at Chinatown anyways. ((:

a last picture before we left. i was turning the phone while it was processing the image but i find the curve formed on the building pretty cool. alrights, maybe it’s just me…

out of my league.