expect the rainbow.

headed to Tiong Bahru Plaza with wushuyi and tanyongbeng for a movie. wanted to make it for rotten toe pzz at Jurong Point but sadly, it doesn’t have this show that we wanted to catch. take care boy, see ya next week! anyways, the song 无所不在 by Van is still playing in my head lah! *faints* hmm. pretty much liked the songs inside but still, i can’t link the story together.. overall, not too bad though. ps: i still wanna catch madagascar! ):

and yea, got the recovery CD from wushuyi and i’m finally able to reformat my laptop! *cheers* been living with the virus for a couple of days and it’s killing me. anyways, don’t ask why i need to wait for the CD because i’ve no idea where i misplaced it also! like out of 3 CDs, the most important one is gone. weird huh..

and that familiar screen with the Norton Ghost. *laughs* i remember being quite amazed by it the first time i reformatted my laptop, like.. 3 years ago? to think of it, i think this is probably the 5th or 6th time i’m doing it for my poor 4-year-old laptop.

in any case, it’s processing so much faster but i kinda lost a few programs here and there. so, yes BABE, i really really need the Microsoft Office CD now!! ): oh btw, i’m glad i hadn’t changed my phone because i found a program to back up my messages already! heh, now i don’t have to bid all those memories goodbye. the program name is MyPhoneExplorer. but sadly, it’s only for SE phones..

and a trip to Popular made me realised Nicholas Sparks actually has a new book! heh, and i reserved it on NLB as usual. wonder how long i have to wait to get the book. hmms… on a side note, been sleeping really late these days. don’t know why i’ve so much energy to keep myself awake but yea, gonna work tmr. hopefully i won’t fall dead there..

it’s not easy..