thinking i’d get a new phone today, i did an intensive search for reviews on the 2 phones i kinda set eyes on a couple of days ago. however, i realised i couldn’t extend my contract now that i’m two weeks short to reaching one year of my current contract with starhub. so yup, i guess i’m having more time to research about it..

this is the review i was basing my comparison on; it’s quite a thorough one actually but at the end of the day, it didn’t really help me decide! was quite settled for HTC Diamond first but after experiencing the short battery life with HTC Touch last time, i’m having 2nd thoughts. wished i could gather more good points about it but seems like i’m getting to see the ugly sides of both phones with the more user reviews i read.. ):

actually, other than the camera and the battery life of the Omnia that wins over Diamond, i kinda prefer the latter more. because firstly, i had experience with HTC before and i know how it works; secondly, i really like the design! *laughs* in any case, anyone wanna just help me with this by voting in the poll ABOVE and/or leaving a comment? rights, not that i will definitely get one of these phones or will base my decision on it BUT hearing more opinions is always good. thanks in advance, people!

on a side note, i came across the HTC Touch HD while doing my “research” and hey! i find this a good choice too! hahaha. not too sure how well the quality of its 5mp camera is but i think this design wins over the two i mentioned previously. but i reckon it’s quite new in the market (or, is it even out yet?) and it’s going to cost a bomb. HMM… another two weeks for me to think; hopefully i can get an answer by then.

OH by the way, if you’re having trouble contacting me on my mobile, don’t be surprised. the “barrier” thing i mentioned before is STILL THERE. i’m getting tired of trying to solve it so i’ll be living with it till i get a new phone. as much as i can’t bear, i guess i’ll be ready to part with all the memories and preciously-kept smses i have in the phone for the past 8 months. BUT, i still wish i can have them transfered onto my laptop like i used to.. just don’t get why i can’t get my phone connected now. *sighs*