the first instance.

heh, as you can tell from the pictures, i baked again today! *grins* nah, not that i’m so in love with baking or that i’m so free i had nothing to do.. mommy wanted to bake for the neighbours so i decided to help out. well well, but i can proudly say I BAKED because i did most of the stuffs, as pictured above! ((:

a distorted heart shape. i guess i still like the carroty hearts i did a few months back better (here). well, but i need to change my habit of only helping out when i kinda have nothing better to do. cos i won’t deny i decided to help out because firstly, my laptop wouldn’t work, and secondly, i had time to spare till 6pm to leave for school for MnP meeting. *laughs*

i was pretty amazed by how decent-looking the muffins turned out although it was like dabian when i scooped them onto the cups. heh. i wouldn’t say they are DAMN NICE but i think they are tasty enough. best, though, when it’s freshly out of the oven! the outside part was so crispy, it reminded me of the yummy muffins from choclat n spice i had with fion at tanjong pagar last time (here). ((:

rights, then mommy did a 2nd batch when i mentioned i wanna bring some over for my friends because she was afraid it wouldn’t be enough. this time round, i won’t claim credit because i never helped at all. anyways, she made it mocha-flavoured and nopes, the duper-dark colour you’re seeing is not photoshopped.

they turned out pretty fine too, just a little TOO dark. it was so dark i couldn’t even see their “progress” when they are in the oven. serious.. hahaha.

here, to prove the colour difference. heh.

oh well, then headed to school for meeting after a quick dinner. nothing really major but it seems like the coming orientation is really near! guess the team has loads to do and hopefully i can do my part wherever necessary. went rocky’s after that to watch everyone else have their dinner. *laughs* then, i wanna express my deepest apologies to BERNIE for the itouch thingy. hahaha, i really wasn’t planning to not buy but yea, i guess i’d just save the money for a new phone for now then. i seriously need one anyways. hmm…

can’t be more contented.