a hearty kitchen affair.

my lovely carroty heart. hahaha. anyways, was in the kitchen almost the entire day after the usual duper-early breakfast session with my family. happily being mummy’s little helper again. prepared some food for the guests coming in the evening. despite MOST of the guests being her friends, sis only helped a little here & there and went for all her beauty self-therapies.

i decided to be the photographer for our preparation process and hereby presenting to you my dearest #1 chef in my world, MUMMY YEE! *grins* she’s always trying out new recipes during big events. brave eh?

that’s sis, randomly crashing the kitchen and say “i wanna help!”. so yups, mummy gave her some tasks to do. pretty important one actually but also, the only one she did. *laughs*

rights, all done & she’s gone!

frying the fillings for mummy’s new recipe for the day – chicken pie tart. VEG one of course. all the ingredients were proudly diced by me. with all my favourite food like potatoes and mushrooms inside, tell me why i shouldn’t love it? (:

the very first piece.

the subsequents..

we also had spaghetti, another dish that i really really missed. just reminds me of the food, if not the days, at roma’s. awww… i can’t even remember how long it has been since i last went there to eat, not to mention, to work. hahaha..

the final plate, with the sauce.

last but not least, the dessert, prepared yesterday. well well, the food may not LOOK good but it definitely TASTED good. in any case, we spent like the entire day, with sweats and blood (for mummy) in the hot and stuffy kitchen alrights. *winks*

and at 7.30pm, everyone was glued to the TV! if you’re a Singaporean AND you don’t know why, please kindly bang the nearest wall you see. not a very tough fight, very expected results, but it still makes you go “ARGH” everytime you see the SIN team miss a ball. but well, SILVER is good enough! *thinks of their $750k* hahaha.. CONGRATS PADDLERS!