the feeling of throwing the OB essay into the BBMKG box is great! well, although i didn’t throw it personally.. hahaha.. thanks babe for printing it for me. anyways, i was actually over this essay since more than a week ago. but i can’t help feeling happy to know that i’ve submitted my first ever essay, no matter what the results are going to be. (:

continued rendering our help for the bash publicity. stole a shot of the people in the council room while taking a little break from all the cutting and pasting. much fewer people turned up compared to friday evening, but somehow or rather, it was more productive. probably cos everyone’s already quite familar with the job and stuff. hopefully we can finish up everything on our next meet-up on thursday!

babe concentrating on her cutting. heh. oh well, i actually wanted to leave earlier to get some dinner but before i could, it started pouring. and then there’s a funny scene of everyone attacking all the people who drove. teddy’s the best lah. fancy saying “choa chu kang and hougangvery near because they all have the -kang and -gang..” *laughs* the rain stopped by the time we were leaving but still, leeched a ride from zhicao. it was supposed to be on the way for him lah, but i’m not very sure already. but thanks anyway!

date with my darling girlfriends tomorrow. it ain’t very long since we last met but i feel so faraway and outdated of their stuffs already. the chat on phone with them last night was great, getting to hear their voices again. hahaha, now i sound like some psychopath. well, 2 weeks of school for them already, i just wonder why i’ve NEVER bumped into them in school. ):